Air Force Veteran’s Emotional Artwork Shows Life in Military Service

by Michael Freeman

Whether currently in service or afterward, veterans have developed a multitude of ways to express what they’re feeling and have been through. One piece of emotional art is making the rounds online after an Air Force veteran shared it on social media channels.

Nitin Welde, a former Indian Air Force (IAF) group captain, shared the touching piece of art on Twitter yesterday. It depicts a soldier’s life and each time you fold it horizontally, it show’s a new event. Users say based on some of the panels, it depicts a specific attack. To be precise, it was the attack on a convoy of security personnel in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama in 2019. Sadly, it is currently unknown who created the touching piece.

In the clip, we see the drawing on a long street of paper. Each fold illustrates a heartfelt moment, such as a soldier hugging his wife and saying goodbye to her while she is pregnant. The final strips are especially somber, showing a row of caskets and a soldier saluting them.

Reception online is overwhelmingly positive, with many hoping the artist becomes known. “Truly a touching, creative tribute to our brave men, women &their families, who sacrifice so much for the nation & for our well-being! Aptly shared on the day we remember the #PulwamaMartyrs. Our gratitude to our braves &their equally courageous families!” one user replied. “what a creativity – wonder who is the artist here hats off to his ideas,” another said.

As stated, no one knows who created it, but Nitin Welde said he received a video of it on WhatsApp. As of now, the video has more than 800,000 views and a cumulative total of more than 20,000 retweets.

The Air Force Made Some Changes to its Rules and Uniforms

Though the mysterious work of art depicts a soldier’s life, it appears life for those in the Air Force could change quite a bit concerning attire. Recently, the Air Force shared changes it made regarding rules and uniforms.

Stripes reported the changes, stating things like airmen putting their hands in their pockets and talking on cell phones while walking now being allowed. The changes took effect last Friday and altered quite a few aesthetic rules the military branch has long had in effect.

For instance, men may have an extra half-inch bulk of hair or even cosmetic scalp tattoos “to create a natural hair appearance.” This is to compensate for thinning hair. On the other hand, women may now have eyelash extensions of their natural hair color. Additionally, they can wear headbands or scrunchies up to 2 inches wide and hosiery is now optional.

Altogether, more than 30 changes occurred and resulted from testing and feedback received from airmen. The 2020 Air Force Uniform Board also gave input and approved the changes.