Airheads Joins the Chicken Sandwich Wars With An Insane Candy Bun

by Halle Ames

A new kind of competitor has joined the chicken sandwich wars, and it was one you did not see coming. Airheads has entered the chat. 

Yes, we are just as surprised as you that the candy company Airheads has decided to create a bun out of its sugary concoction, Airheads Xtremes. Is this a monstrosity, or are they onto something? Probably the first option. I am second-guessing everything right now. 

While most people celebrated National Fried Chicken Day with the average deep-fried bird on a regular bread bun, Airheads honored the day in another way, and they threw caution into the wind with it. 

The company took to social media to announce the unlikely combination with a photo of the multicolored sandwich. They wrote, “A match made in candy chicken sandwich heaven.” 

Are we sure about that? Is that even a thing? 

Airheads continues, saying, “Is it the greatest chicken sandwich with a candy bun ever created? Probably. 🎈🐓#letsplaychickenwar.” 

The Question on Everyone’s Mind

Considering there is quite literally nothing like this, the candy company pretty much has the monopoly on the sweet and savory sandwich. But… why? Don’t worry. An Airheads representative answered that burning question. 

“The Airheads brand is about play, and we thought it was time to play in the chicken wars.”

On Tuesday, the company announced that the meal would consist of fried chicken, coleslaw, spicy mayo, and pickles, all sandwiched between a bun made entirely out of Airheads Xtremes. Although, don’t go getting your hopes up about trying it. According to BroBible, the Airheads sandwich was served at a single location in Chicago on Tuesday afternoon. 

What can people expect from the sandwich? Well, the representative was pretty straightforward.

“Imagine eating Airheads Xtremes and a fried chicken sandwich at the same time. As someone who’s covered countless shameless PR stunts over the years, I’d like to extend my congratulations to Airheads for getting exactly what they wanted. Well played.”

This is criminal.

Airheads Promo Video

Additionally, if you are looking for a laugh, look no further than the marketing video created by Airheads, highlighting the item. 

Now, I’m not saying that I would not try this particular sandwich. I’m just saying that there are foods that one should never mix… mayo and ice cream… peanut butter and onions… candy and chicken sandwich.

However, people online are going nuts over the “pretty patty.” 

“Alright, I’ll give my life savings up for one bite. Come to Utah, please,” said one person. “

Another person asked the obvious question, “Is this a skit?” Airheads responded to the comment, saying, “That’s weird how your phone autocorrected ‘delicious sandwich’ to ‘skit.'”

You know what, in light of this Frankenstein sandwich, we will give it to you, Airheads—pushing the boundary that literally no one asked for. We tip our caps to you… but probably not our plates.