Airlines Cancel or Delay 12,000 Flights, Causing Travel Chaos

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images)

A variety of issues ends in thousands of flights facing delays and cancelations over the weekend. These cancelations ended up stranding hundreds of thousands of passengers as airlines were dealing with a variety of issues including grounding technical glitches and inclement weather along the southern coast. Furthermore, the resulting cancelations and delays come during a peak travel time as the airlines are seeing an influx of customers traveling during the spring-break holiday. Relaxed COVID-19 related restrictions as well as a marked increase in traveling, in general, also led to some concerns over “airspace congestion.”

A Birds-Eye-View

  • As many as 12,000 flights all across the country were seeing delays and cancelations over the weekend.
  • These cancelations come as airlines are seeing an influx of passengers who are traveling during the spring break holiday.
  • A variety of issues led to these cancelations – from inclement weather in Florida to technical glitches; even increased air traffic.
  • These issues have resulted in hundreds of thousands of passengers facing delayed travel plans.

Multiple Airlines Cancel and Delay Flights Over the Weekend Leaving Passengers Stranded Over the Spring Break Holiday

As many as 12,000 flights were canceled or delayed this weekend, leaving hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded. Airlines cite a variety of issues such as bad weather and technical issues for these cancelations and delays. These issues come during peak traveling time for spring-break travelers.

Airlines across the nation were canceling over 3,500 domestic flights. Delaying thousands more over the weekend. Overall, the industry saw around 8,800 flights canceled over the weekend.

Southwest Airlines canceled a whopping 520 flights on Saturday, and 398 on Sunday. The airline cites Florida storms as part of the reason for the cancelations. Additionally, the airline notes that “intermittent performance issues,” led to further cancellations and flight delays.

The airline adds that they are grateful to the “employees who are working diligently to make it up to them.” Southwest Airlines also note that “airspace congestion” led to some of the company’s flight issues over the weekend.

“We offer heartfelt apologies to our customers for any inconvenience,” Southwest airlines says in a statement.

“We’ll continue to update customers whose journey with us today might be delayed as result of the now-resolved issues,” the airline adds in the statement.

JetBlue Cancels Around 25% Of Its Flights Sunday, and 15 % on Saturday

Another major airline company, JetBluecanceled 25% of its flights on Sunday, this is in addition to the 15% of flights canceled by the company Saturday. JetBlue notes that “severe weather in the Southeast” was a cause of some of these flight cancelations. The company also cites “multiple air traffic control delay programs” as a reason for the disruptions.

“Today’s cancellations will help us reset our operation,” a JetBlue statement notes. “And safely move our crews and aircraft back in to position.”