Airplane Passenger Spots Bizarre UFO Moving Through Clouds: VIDEO

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It moves like a whale breaching the ocean’s surface. This UFO filmed out of an airplane window bursts through the clouds in much the same way. The cylindrical object seems to break through the cloud ceiling, revolve, and then flatten out.

The Sun tweeted the video on Sunday, but so far there are few good answers about what it is. The thick clouds obscure most of the object and the cellphone video doesn’t provide much detail. But it’s enough to raise a lot of questions.

The video is a clip from a longer video that Kerry Forides shared on Youtube in 2018. The uploader gives some detail about when and where they filmed the video.

“Just flew over Turkey somewhere over Izmir and Khios Agean Sea, heading into Athens around 4.30 p.m. today Wed. 21 March 2018. I was alerted by my wife 15 min before that she saw a missile so I was on high alert and ready. It appears to be flying away at right angles from our commercial jet and somehow without either of us appearing to turn we end up almost following it. I wonder why the black smoke, why so close to our jet and why I could not see a source of the jet stream I could not see an airplane of any kind.”

Commenters had scores of suggestions of what the UFO could be. Some, of course, saw extraterrestrial technology behind this. Though most believe it’s just another jet traveling away at an odd angle making it appear to behave strangely.

“This is a video of an airplane or jet flying away from the plane they are filming from emitting a dark trail and their angle is changing throughout the video making it appear to tilt, but once you realize it it’s hard to miss. Had me confused for a while. You can see the trail fading at the end as well.”

Investigators Have Issues with New Pentagon’s New UFO Unit

The defense spending bill that President Joe Biden recently signed includes money to create a unit within the Pentagon that will investigate reported sightings of UFOs similar to this. But while many have called the creation of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force a watershed moment because of its promise of transparency, many in the community are skeptical.

“This is a subject with a provable history of secrecy,” Ron James, a spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network spoke about the new development. “Anything that lacks a new openness about the information is subject to more, possibly inappropriate control.”

James says the move seems to be more about public relations than finding any new truths.

It could also have the potential to reshape how we study UFOs. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand pitched the agency as a national security measure. We must learn what is out there as a matter of protection. But ufologists are more interested in finding out the truth.

Stephen Bassett, a lobbyist in Washington, believes the agency is a good step. Though, he knows many will never trust it.

“No, this isn’t a new psyops program. It is a planned effort to end the truth embargo,” Bassett told NBC. “While I appreciate those who are skeptical, that group has tried to find the dark side of every development — the hidden hand.”