Airport Passengers Look for Luggage, Find Frozen Fish Instead

by Shelby Scott

Passengers aboard British Airways experienced quite the mixup on Monday when they went to collect their luggage from Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5. While they expected to collect their belongings, they were instead confronted with bright blue boxes of frozen fish. Fortunately, most passengers were later reunited with their luggage. Regardless, we sure wouldn’t want to be the guy who sent fish crates to the UK airport’s luggage claim.

According to BBC, the Monday mixup angered more than a few British Airways passengers. One of the passengers, Becca Braunholtz, said several passengers were “irate” at the situation. As to her own thoughts, the Sherborne, Dorset native said, “it was just the weirdest thing.”

However, just when she thought their luggage would finally come around, “it was just box after box of fish.”

If you were wondering about the fish crates, BBC stated all of the crates contained sea bass and sea bream. Our confused passengers saw the crates unloading over in the UK. However, stickers emblazoned on the crates advertised their actual destination across the pond at New York’s JFK airport.

Bruanholtz added, “Everybody was being quite British and polite about it but when more and more boxes started going round we all started to suspect something wasn’t right.”

As the boxes continued unloading onto the conveyor belt, the passenger reported the odd sight to British Airway staff. Like Bruanholtz and the rest of the passengers, airport staff said they were “perplexed” by the strange situation.

Conclusively, the helpful passenger pondered, “We just can’t fathom why, at some point, one of the people loading these boxes of fish didn’t think, ‘this can’t be right for Terminal 5’…it’s baffling.”

U.S. Fish and Boat Community Fight Eviction

The UK fish-crate mishap is most definitely amusing. We nevertheless hope those baffled Outsiders received their luggage safe and sound and that the fish crates wound up wherever they needed to be.

Meanwhile, we’ve recently learned of another interesting fishy tale. Although the current narrative surrounding the community does not look at all positive.

You’ve heard of pirates no doubt. And while the breed of thieves and marauders have long since disappeared, a similar crew of Californians has staked claim over the water off the coast of San Fransisco.

The fishing community is known as anchor-outs. The group originated in the 1950s and ’60s and have since continued their simple yet peaceful way of life. They anchor their boats in the waters directly facing one of the city’s upscale communities.

Compared to the ritzy community, whose homes cost an average of $1.8 million, the boats appear run-down. And despite the fishing community’s peaceful way of life, they currently face potential eviction. Interestingly, despite the clash with the area’s appearance, it’s not aesthetics that are concerning authorities. A Richardson Bay agency has threatened the eviction as the boats reportedly affect marine life and interfere with boat traffic.