Alaska Man and His Dog Walk the Equivalent of a Lap Around the Earth in 8 Years

by Taylor Cunningham

Meet Mike Mitchell and his dog Chance. After finding each other eight years ago, the two have walked 24,901 miles together. That equals one full lap around Earth.

Anchorage, Alaska, native Mike Mitchell found his furry friend Chance on Craigslist. It was Mike’s 60th birthday, and he thought he could use a new companion. So he brought the Shiz Tsu home. And beginning that day, the pals started a new tradition.

“I love to walk, and Chance loves to walk,” Mitchell told KTUU. “We’re two peas in a pod … Somehow, we managed to walk the distance around the planet. I think it’s remarkable.”

Mike told reporters that he used to be overweight. So, he started his daily treks hoping to drop some pounds. And it worked. So, with the support of Mike’s doctor and Chance’s vet, they kept at it.

Mike and his dog have averaged 3,000 miles per year, and they track their progress on an Apple watch. The duo sets out each morning and hikes ten or more miles.

“We do a lot of double-digit walks in the morning. We go out and get 10, 12 miles, come back and have a little meal, maybe take a power nap,” he continued.

Living in a state as beautiful as Alaska helps keep Mike and his dog motivated. Why stay inside when there are mountains to be climbed?

“When you get to the top of a mountain, you have two ways to go, either go to the valley or head for the next mountaintop,” Mike added. “And I think this view of the next mountain top looks good.”

Milwaukee Brewers Donate Service Dog to Veteran with PTSD

A US veteran with PTSD found comfort and companionship thanks to the Milwaukee Brewers. The team paired up with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation to give him a service dog named Willard.

Andrew Sievila enlisted in the Army in 2004 and was medically discharged in 2015. After returning home, he suffered from irritability and anger outbursts. But Willard has helped Sievila cope.

“Willard definitely brings up a lot of peace and joy to my life,” Sievila told TMJ4. “He’s adorable and very friendly. He keeps me calm and the anger and the irritability that I was experiencing before just hasn’t been there like it used to be, and that brings me a lot of hope for the future. The bond that he and I have already started to develop has been wonderful.

The Brewers and the local mortgage company found Willard through the American Warrior Initiative. The not-for-profit specializes in helping soldiers adjust to civilian life. And pairing soldiers with service dogs is one of their many services.