Alaskan Woman Shares Costs of Insanely High Grocery Prices, Viewers Can’t Believe It

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Whitney Shefte/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Folks can talk all they want about $5 a gallon milk or whatever pricey grocery staple. However, one Alaskan woman displayed what life is like for rural people in her state.

When you go to the store chances are you don’t pay $25 for a block of cheddar cheese. When one TikTok user shared a video featuring prices of everyday grocery items, viewers were taken back.

In the video, EmilyinAlaska breaks down and explains why the prices are so high. It makes sense. The state is very isolated and if you live in a rural area, those issues are more extreme.

Check out the video below.


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Now, it might make sense why the prices are so high, but that doesn’t make them any less shocking. There is a price to pay if one wants to live in a place like rural Alaska. Emily pointed out that the cost of living was 24% higher there. However, there are places where prices can run as high as 41% above the national average.

During the video, she panned across all kinds of items. Coffee creamer, cheese, lunch meat, chips, salsa, and more.

Why Is Rural Alaska So Expensive?

Look at a map and you will understand exactly why the groceries are so expensive in Alaska. Alaskan residents have lived with the reality of their cost of living for generations. It is cold, snowy, icy, and generally difficult to move through. Think about that show Ice Road Truckers, you think it’s cheap to risk your life delivering goods?

Emily did a good job of explaining the reasons why things are expensive there. When it takes planes and other unique methods to get stores stocked, a hefty price tag comes with that.

“Goods are priced higher since they have to travel farther by plane or barge to get to rural areas,” she explained in the video.

Despite the jaw-dropping price tags in the video, some were quick to mention it isn’t like that in all towns and cities. Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau have lower prices.

Alaskan Woman’s TikTok Draws Lots of Reactions

The video the Alaskan woman shared definitely got reactions. Although we like to think American is similar throughout, some regions have vastly different cultures and realities in daily life. If there is one thing that this video showed folks, it is how grateful they should be for their grocery prices.

“I’ll never complain about grocery prices in NYC ever again,” one reply to the video said. Meanwhile, another user confirmed what was shown in the video.

“Thank you for posting!! Your prices match ours in Bethel AK… People don’t realize how expensive grocery shopping is here in rural AK!”

This Alaskan woman has opened a lot of eyes to the reality of rural life in America’s 49th state.