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Alex Murdaugh Trial Date For Wrongful Death Suit Over 2019 Boating Accident Announced

by Samantha Whidden
Alex Murdaugh 2019 boating accident trial date
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Nearly two weeks after he was found guilty of murdering his wife Maggie and son Paul in 2021, Alex Murdaugh has received a trial date for the wrongful death lawsuit over a 2019 boating accident. 

According to Georgia news station WJCL, the trial on the board crash that caused the wrongful death of Mallory Beach in 2019 is now scheduled for August 14th. While speaking to the media outlet, the Beach family’s attorney, Mark Tinsley, spoke about how Alex Murdaugh’s now-deceased son Paul caused the crash. Paul was faced with charges, including wrongful death and boating under the influence.

“Mallory’s father had always said, even at the very beginning, that his daughter didn’t die in vain,” Tinsley stated. “And there was going to be a greater purpose. We might not know what it is yet. But he believed that some greater good was going to come out of her death.”

Tinsley also said there’s been some justice for a lot of people who have been impacted by the Murdaugh family. “If nothing else, we’ve stopped the victimization of a lot of people who we’re being victimized by Alex Murdaugh,” he explained. Tinsley also spoke out about how Murdaugh’s legal team announced they will be filing an appeal for his murder charges. However, the Beach family’s lawyer doesn’t expect it to go anywhere.

“Everyone has seen how careful, how thorough, how good Judge Newman was,” Tinsley said. “It was a very clean trial. Their only argument is the financial crimes shouldn’t have come in for the motive.”

Tinsley went on to add that he believes some good will come from Alex Murdaugh’s story. 

Mallory Beach’s Family Seeks ‘Accountability’ in Wrongful Death Suit Against Alex Murdaugh 

Meanwhile, Tinsley spoke to Fox News Digital about how the Beach family is wanting “accountability” when it comes to the wrongful death trial against Alex Murdaugh. 

“We’re hopeful that the attorney general’s office will continue to investigate the investigators involved in the boat crash,” Tinsley stated. “We think that there were a number of things that happened there that are worthy of prosecution. And we hope that those people are dealt with as well.”

Fox News Digital also reports that Alex’s eldest son, Buster Murdaugh, may potentially be called as a witness in the wrongful death trial. The media outlet revealed that Paul had used Buster’s I.D. to purchase alcohol the night of the boating accident.

Although his friends encouraged him to stop driving due to his intoxicated condition, Paul ended up ignoring their pleas. He eventually crashed into Archer’s Creek Bridge in Beaufort, South Carolina. Beach was thrown into the water and went missing. Her body was discovered near the crash scene a little more than a week later. 

The Beach family filed the suit against the Murdaughs months after the accident.