‘Alien Abduction’ Sign Pops Up in Small Town, Bizarre Photo Goes Viral

by Clayton Edwards

Residents of one small town in the United Kingdom know that the truth is out there. However, they’re still looking for answers from their city council. They aren’t being quiet about it either. Instead, an anonymous person or people erected a sign decrying recent alien abductions in the small town while demanding to know when their local lawmakers were going to do something about it.

In June, a resident using a public walking path in Sedgley, England found an interesting addition to the landscape. Someone put up a wooden sign that reads, “3 alien abductions here in one week!! When are [sic] the council going to do something?” At least, that is the narrative created by some publications.

Recently, Popculture reported that local authorities plan to remove the sign. However, there is no word on whether or not they have done it yet. Really, that is the least of the questions inspired by the sign.

So Many Questions

First and foremost, why did the sign maker decide to make the number permanent? Surely, if there were three alien abductions in one week, there would be more. It seems odd that extraterrestrials would come three times in seven days and then just, as the English say, bugger off. How will we know how many people the aliens have taken without an updated sign?

Furthermore, what is the town council going to do about alien abductions? I guess they could pass an ordinance against taking residents into an interstellar vehicle for experimentation or study. However, there’s a better than even chance that the intergalactic visitors would flat-out ignore the new law. Additionally, putting laws on the books takes time. We know the aliens can take at least three people in a week. So, they would really need to rush that through the council.

One Twitter user had a better idea. He suggested writing a strongly worded letter to the Interplanetary Galactic Council about the recent rash of alien abductions. That comes with its own pile of problems. Not least of which is finding out where to send the aforementioned letter.

The Sad Truth About the Alien Abduction Sign

It turns out that Sedgley’s alien abduction sign is an unintentional hoax.

Ash Loydon, a Glasgow-based illustrator and Sedgley native posted the original photo of the sign. However, he wasn’t taking a stroll through the forest when he saw the sign about alien abductions. Instead, he was browsing an imageboard in search of a reference photo for a forest.

In a tell-all blog post, Loydon said that he found the photo funny. When he shared it, he referenced his hometown to amplify the laughs.

He explains that there were plenty of strange things in his hometown when he was a child. “I mean, as a kid, we had a ‘Devil Tree,’ behind the house as well as the infamous ‘Zombie Lake,’…so why not aliens?”

That clears that up. However, somewhere out there is a small town experiencing a rash of alien abductions.