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Aliens in Montana? Man Convinced Trail Cam Caught Extraterrestrial

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images)

A Montana hunter is confident he got an alien or some kind of extraterrestrial life form on one of his trail cams.

Hunter Donald Bromley got the images in Redgate. Specifically, the area is close to Deer Lodge. That town is about 36 miles north of Butte on the I-90.

Now, who knows if Bromley’s buddies were playing a trick on him, but past reports about extraterrestrial life have come back to that place. 

According to KXLF, Montana ranks in the top five for most UFO sightings per capita. Another key website named Humanities Montana reported that the state is home to some of the most significant, well-documented, and interesting UFO reports in the history of ufology

Two-Year-Old Image Stirs Interest

Bromley told KXLF this past summer about a video he shot two years ago. The man caught a strange, ghost-like figure on video, and the figure drew national attention from paranormal investigators. The TV station said the man says it is an alien after analyzing the picture.

“It’s just very rich in the paranormal field, like the UFOs, lights in the sky unexplainable things,” the man said.

What does an alien have to look like? First, it kinda looks like what Bromley caught — a figure with long arms and a “bulb-like” head. Bromley even calls the transparent figure naked.

Montana has had previous UFO stories in the state’s history. Great Falls residents witnessed two spinning disks and caught them on camera. Also, in the 1960s, witnesses saw UFOs at Minuteman missile silos in Montana. 

Additionally, residents claim that the U.S. Air Force covered up this event and did not release any information.

Strange Things Happen With Aliens

Bromley said the Redgate area has strange things happen on occasion. That area was a site where a homesteader killed his family and painted the property’s front gate with their blood. What’s more interesting is that other area residents have witnessed “really bizarre” objects flying in the sky. Other phenomena include stalling cars on roads. 

Filmmaker Patrick Cutler backs Bromley’s paranormal experiences. He told the TV station he was making a film inspired by the area and its dark history. Together with Bromley, he said many area residents experience mysterious events.

“There is much more to the story than people realize,” Cutler told The U.K. Sun.

Montana Tech Professor of Biological Anthropology Dr. Michael Masters of Butte recently penned “Identified Flying Objects.” Masters told the TV station that UFOs could be time machines.

Moreover, he determined that they could help people come back to observe humankind in the future.

“It’s very similar of what I would do as an anthropologist and had, if I had access to time-travel technology, I would go back and study their anatomy, their culture, their language, take tissue samples,” the man said.

The Pentagon reported in June that there are phenomena that the agency cannot explain, giving hope to UFO enthusiasts and extraterrestrial life seekers.