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All-Out Brawl Breaks Out at Texas IHOP After Woman Launches Booster Seat at Another Woman’s Head

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Visions of America/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Go for the pancakes and late-night breakfast, stay for the all-out brawl between a couple of unhappy customers. It’s an IHOP experience like no other, although there have certainly been past experiences similar enough.

Usually, it’s Waffle House that’s in headlines for strange behavior and fights. Now, it’s time for IHOP to get that spotlight for something other than its pancakes and attempts to become a burger restaurant.

The fight at IHOP went down at a location in Victoria, Texas. Very fitting given these circumstances, it is known as the hometown of WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Intense Fight in a Texas Location

The video captured shows a family taking on another group. It appears to be maybe a mom with her daughters and some friends. There’s little to no context as to what started the brawl in IHOP. The video was shared on Facebook and some of the commenters say that the three girls in the video had been getting unnecessary comments from nearby patrons about what they were wearing.

This is just a guess based on social media users, but only those that were in the ring can really say what went down beforehand.

As for the fight itself, you can see as it all slowly escalates. One woman in the booth is standing up and talking to a group behind them. She is constantly repeating “Bye!” and trying to ignore what they have to say. You can see what is maybe the dad just sitting calmly in the booth while all the other people around him are getting worked up.

Eventually, all three women are standing and one is even restrained by the others.

At one point you can hear the person recording scream, “Can I get some silverware?” They’re just trying to eat a meal, after all. They captioned the video, “Since everyone’s been asking here’s the whole IHOP fiasco from last night…man I just wanted my breakfast… ended up with breakfast and a show.”

A couple of seconds after she says this, you can see a child’s booster seat fly over the wall and smack a woman in the booth in the head. After that, it all goes downhill. Everyone jumps out of their seat and begins physically hitting, pulling hair, and wrestling with one another. People then gather around the scene, some just watching or recording, and others trying to help split the fight up.

It’s not shown on the video, but at some point, I’d assume the cops were called. It all went down for several minutes, however.

IHOP Fall Menu

Something else spooky is going on at IHOP, but this time it’s intentional. The popular pancake pit stop is introducing four new pancakes to get people in a spooky mood.

The four fall pancakes include a Caramel Apple a La Mode Pancake, Reese’s Pieces Pancake, Pumpkin Spice Pancake, and Scary Face Pancake. The Scary Face Pancake is a pancake stack with a face consisting of whipped cream, cookies, and candy corn. It’s likely going to attract all the kids’ attention, as well as some adults with a serious sweet tooth.

IHOP often leans into the different seasons to give its customers new and exciting options and to keep them coming back.