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Alyssa Milano Reveals Tweet From Ivanka Trump in 2014 Saying She Had a ‘Total Girl Crush’ on the Actress

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer / Getty Images)

Alyssa Milano is sharing a throwback tweet from White House Adviser Ivanka Trump, who once wrote that she had a “girl crush” on the Charmed star. Over the weekend, Milano, 47, uploaded a screenshot of the post while adding her own commentary.

Back in 2014, the daughter of President Donald Trump tweeted: “I’m admitting to a total girl crush on @Alyssa_Milano. She’s hilarious! And incidentally, one of the first people I followed on Twitter.”


Milano shared the screenshot and slammed Ivanka in the caption. “I met Ivanka Trump when I was hosting Project Runway All Stars, she told me I was her hero,” Milano writes. “I’m sad to see what she has evolved into. Text ‘VOTE’ to 30330 to join #TeamBiden.”

After uploading the photo, thousands of Milano’s fans also offered their thoughts on Ivanka. Many in the comments blasted Ivanka and her father’s presidency. “I remember this, ” one user writes. “Sad she chose misogyny and racism over humanity.” Another chimed in writing: “I’m sad too but Trump and his govt gotta go.”

Alyssa Milano Criticizes Ivanka and Donald Trump

This recent post marks one of many times Alyssa Milano called out Ivanka Trump on social media. Two years ago, Milano tweeted at Ivanka about the accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“You don’t follow me on Twitter. But as a public servant, you work for me,” Milano wrote. “You’ve proclaimed yourself a feminist. Use your access to demand that Professor Ford’s request for a full, fair, trauma-informed investigation by the FBI be held.”

Milano makes no secret of her criticisms of Ivanka’s father, President Trump. In 2017, she called him the most corrupt, lawless, and unstable president in American history.”

Most recently, the Commando actress criticized the President’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Lara Trump says President Trump will ‘keep America prosperous,'” she writes. “Is she forgetting about the millions of Americans who are still unemployed because of his failed coronavirus response?

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