Amazon Building Collapses During Massive Tornado Leaving Two Dead, Dozens Injured: Report

by Maggie Schneider

An Amazon distribution center collapsed in Illinois during a severe storm. Emergency responders call it a “mass casualty incident.”

On Friday night, Massive tornadoes caused great concern and destruction across the Midwest and Southern states. Devastating parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee, citizens in these areas are asking for help.

Last night, an Amazon warehouse in Illinois collapsed during the massive storms. The center’s roof in addition to one of its walls fell, leaving dozens of workers trapped and injured. 50 to 100 employees were working in the building during the emergency. So far, two deaths and a dozen injuries have been confirmed.

Last night, emergency responders rushed to the scene in Edwardsville, Illinois. Around 100 emergency vehicles fled to the area to save the trapped workers. The Edwardsville Department of Police lists over 10 police, fire, and EMS agencies that are helping in their recovery efforts. Most of these agencies are in surrounding counties.

“This is an active search and recovery scene and additional information will be made available as it become[s] available” the statement reads.

JB Pritzker, Governor of Illinois, is closely monitoring the situation and offering his aid.

“My prayers are with the people of Edwardsville tonight, and I’ve reached out to the mayor to provide any needed state resources,” he tweets. “Our @ILStatePolice and @ReadyIllinois are both coordinating closely with local officials and I will continue to monitor the situation.” 

Massive Tornado: A Rising Death Toll

The death toll rises as severe storms crash through parts of the United States. The high winds and heavy rains are causing homes and businesses all over the country to collapse. Arkansas reports two deaths after the destruction of a nursing home. Western Kentucky faces “mass casualties” after the collapse of a candle factory. Citizens were trapped for hours, desperately crying for help.

“Please, y’all. Get us some help. We’re at the candle factory in Mayfield,” one woman pleads on Facebook Live.

Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky says that the death toll could be upwards of 100 people. He declares a state of emergency in his statement.

“We are going to lose over 50 people, probably closer to somewhere between 70 and 100. It’s devastating,” Governor Beshear says.

He hopes that President Joe Biden will declare a federal emergency immediately.

Multiple tornadoes in Kentucky are affecting the state’s power, in addition to surrounding areas. Over 22,000 Louisville Gas & Electric customers do not have power in their homes. An estimated 56,000 citizens total are without power, or seeking shelter from the storms.

“This has been one of the toughest nights in Kentucky history, and some areas have been hit in ways that are hard to put into words,” Beshear says.

Here at Outsider, we are keeping all those affected by these storms in our thoughts.