Amazon Completely Covering College Tuition Costs for Hourly Employees

by Shelby Scott

Employers versus employees. The two parties have been at odds over the last several months. The former frequently insists that people simply refuse to work. Meanwhile, the latter persist in advocating for better wages and more beneficial job perks. Now, the United States begins to pull itself up by the bootstraps following the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. In response, major companies and brands are working to improve upon current job perks. Most recently, mega-giant Amazon has thrown its hat in the ring. The brand now promises to cover the costs of hourly employee education, tuition, and more.

Employees across the country have begun to scorn small perks from free pizza to company-sponsored ice cream parties. Therefore, perks like free education and the like have become much more enticing. As of January, Amazon announced that it will cover the cost of tuition, fees, and textbooks for their hourly employees. Although, as many companies do, the perk doesn’t become accessible until after 90 days with Amazon.

Additionally, the stipulation for covering education includes not only higher education. It also surrounds high school diploma programs, GEDs, and English as a second language certification. The latest perks surrounding education apply to Amazon’s operations workers. These include those employed in the network’s collection of warehouses and distribution centers.

According to CNBC, the move was preceded by rival retailers including Target and Walmart. August saw the former initiate a program that covers the cost of both associate and undergraduate degrees at specified schools. The latter stated in July the company would pay 100% of both tuition and books for Walmart and Sam’s Club associates.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos July Comments Saw Major Backlash

Amazon’s latest employee perks appear promising overall. However, many Amazon customers dropped the e-commerce giant altogether following a rather ill-formed comment made back in January.

For anyone who follows any kind of news platform, from CNN down to grandma’s Facebook page, Jeff Bezos’s outer space joyride caught the attention of millions around the world. And while people initially took issue with the trip as both a waste of time, money, and resources, his comments following are truthfully what sent Amazon customers scattering.

During a press conference following the ride, Bezos stated, “[Thank you to] every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer…[because] you guys paid for all this.”

While Bezos’ statement was initially well-intentioned, his communication of the message drew a lot of backlash.

In response, Amazon users dropped their subscriptions left and right. With a net worth surpassing $200 billion, the former Amazon CEO saw himself in a major hole. His and his company’s treatment of employees throughout the coronavirus pandemic also saw further scorn from the public internationally.

In an effort to remain ahead within a competitive job market, following an onslaught of ill-managed incidents, Amazon has joined the race to entice employees worldwide.