Amazon Web Services Experiences Major Outage, Affecting Deliveries and Netflix

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

On Tuesday (December 7th), Amazon Web Service users reported that they have been suffering through a major outage. The outage is causing a standstill in delivery operations.

According to CNBC, a notice on the Amazon Web Services’ status page indicates that the platform is experiencing problems with certain APIs and AWS Management Console. It also reveals that the problems are impacting the web services’ main U.S.-East-1 region, which is hosted in Northern Virginia. 

“We are experiencing API and console issues in the U.S.-EAST-1 Region,” the notice on the Amazon Web Services’ website declared. “We have identified the root cause and we are actively working towards recovery.”

The message states that there is currently no ETA for a full recovery. “For customers experiencing issues signing-in to the AWS Management Console in US-EAST-1, we recommend retrying using a separate Management Console endpoint.”

If users are attempting to log in using root login credentials, they may be able unable to do so. Even through console endpoints not in U.S.-EAST-1. “If you are impacted by this, we recommend using IAM Users or Roles for authentication.”

Web Service Outage Affects Amazon Deliveries

Among the services that are experiencing issues as a result of the Amazon Web Services’ outage included Disney’s streaming service Disney+ as well as Netflix, Slack, Alexa, Ring, online trading platform Robinhood, and cryptocurrency platform Coinbase. Luckily, it seems that no other users outside the U.S.-East-1 region are not having issues nor expecting outages.

However, the outage is causing some issues with critical tools that are a big part of Amazon’s operations as well. CNBC reports that both warehouse and delivery workers, as well drivers for Amazon’s Flex service, have reportedly stated on Reddit that they are unable to access the Flex app or the AtoZ app. This makes it impossible to scan packages or even access delivery routes.

A notice to delivery drivers through the internal chat app Amazon Chime also says the company is currently monitoring a network-wide technical outage that is impacting delivery operations. “Should drivers be unable to continue delivering due to the outage, go to a nearby safe location and stand by.” 

Samuel Caceres, an Amazon driver in Washington state, shared with CNBC that his delivery facility has been “at a standstill” since 8 a.m. PST. Some Flex drivers are not able to sign up for shifts. They are home for the day. Amazon sellers also report they are unable to access Seller Central, which is an internal website that is used to manage customer orders.

It is unknown how many delivery stations and warehouses are having issues due to the outage. This is a pretty huge deal because Amazon delivers two-thirds of its own packages in the U.S.  Amazon is also not responding to questions about the outage’s impact on retail operations.