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American Airlines Blasted for Thanksgiving Cancellations Due to Staff Shortage

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

The day before Thanksgiving is always the busiest travel day on the calendar. In a normal year, things can get stressful and hectic in America’s airports. However, this year isn’t a normal one. The world is shaking off the pandemic and trying to get back to normal. As a result, several industries, including airlines are understaffed and short on some supplies.

This problem has plagued American Airlines since late October. The travel giant canceled thousands of flights between Halloween weekend and the first week of November. As we roll into the holiday season, things aren’t looking much better. Many customers are letting the airline know how they feel about the delays and cancelations. Spoiler alert: they aren’t giving thanks.

One dissatisfied American Airlines passenger took to Twitter to share screenshots of an email exchange with the airline. That Twitter user claims to be a frequent flier as well as an American Advantage member. A.J. Davis said, “Canceling flights, not offering rapid/PCR test for international travel in a pandemic, and not covering out-of-pocket cost due to your cancelations?? Fix this!!”

From the emails, it seems that American Airlines canceled Davis’ flight. This apparently caused some out-of-pocket expenses on top of a delay. Davis planned to travel internationally. However, the canceled flight caused him to miss his COVID test appointment, and had to pay for a test at the airport. Furthermore, he couldn’t be rebooked on his standing international itinerary. As a result, the airline offered some free miles, but that didn’t completely make things right.

Other Passengers Not Giving Thanks to American Airlines

Davis was far from the only traveler who lobbed some rage at the airline. However, his was the most detailed and came with the most receipts.

One Twitter user wanted to make sure everyone knew where they stood on the matter. They didn’t give any details on their experience. However, they seemed to want everyone, including the airline to know just how they felt after holiday delays. “Today is November 25, 2021, and American Airlines is the WORST airline in the USA.”  

Another angry customer said that American Airlines lost their bags. “Thanks for filing an incident number for our lost bags that apparently does not exist.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, they claim the airline hung up on them while they were trying to sort out their issues. On top of all that, they had to attend a funeral in sweatpants.

Another angry passenger took to Twitter with some advice. “American Airlines has the worst customer service. DO NOT FLY with them for the holidays. Missed flight for late connecting flight – no solution.”

Before your next holiday trip, maybe check the cost of renting a car instead. After all, America is a beautiful country, even when you’re looking at it through your windshield.