American Farmer Speaks Out About ‘Food Crisis,’ Pleads With Biden Administration

by Samantha Whidden

On Friday (September 23rd), the National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd Jr. criticized President Joe Biden for “not standing” with American farmers and instead, prioritizing foreign interests. 

During an interview with Fox News, Boyd spoke about how the U.S. President was investing $178 million in international food projects as well as climate and other environmental issues abroad instead of investing in American farmers. The media outlet alleges that President Biden has refused to sit down with farmers stateside to discuss their concerns.

When asked what he expects to see for the American farmers who are continuing to struggle, Boyd stated, “I have two messages for the President. One, that God is still in charge and he’s sitting high looking down. And [President Biden] has to honor [God’s] word. A man that doesn’t keep his word, my daddy says, isn’t a good man of character. So, the President hasn’t kept his word.”

Boyd continues to speak out about the President by stating that the U.S. has money for the Ukrainian farmers, who are still enduring Russia’s ongoing invasion, but there doesn’t appear to be any funding for the American farmers. “There is no money to help American farmers here in the worst situation in this food crisis,” he explained. “Facing high cost of inflation, high cost of imports, and all these things, diesel, fertilizer, and we have farmers facing farm foreclosures.”

The National Black Farmers Association President further explained that he has been pleading to the Biden Administration to help the American farmers get through the crisis. However, he hasn’t been met with much of a response. He also stated that it was un-American for the administration to ignore the farmers at this time. 

President Biden Previously Spoke About Supporting Farmers and American Families 

In May 2022, President Biden spoke about his support for American farmers and families as the country continued to combat inflation, as well as the impacts of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. 

While speaking about his experience with farming, President Biden stated that he represented Delaware for 36 years as a Senator before he became Vice President. “The single-largest industry in Delaware and the Delmarva — Delaware, Maryland, Virginia peninsula; that peninsula that goes down — is agriculture,” Biden explained. “It’s a $4 billion industry.  Four billion dollars — that whole peninsula.”

He then thanked the American Farmers for the constant work they have done. “You feed America. You get us through – you got us through a pandemic. And you’re literally the backbone of our country. It’s not hyperbole. But you also feed the world. And we’re seeing with Putin’s war in Ukraine, you’re like the backbone of freedom.”

President Biden went onto add that the American farms are helping both fronts to help during the difficult situations. “[They are] reducing the price of food at home and expanding producing and feeding the world in need.”