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American Flag Recovered Fully Intact Underneath Tornado Debris in Kentucky

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Kentucky residents and Kentucky National Guard members recovered a fully intact American flag amid the debris during Tuesday’s rescue efforts.

Four men worked together to pull rubble and metal off the flag near the Graves County Courthouse in Mayfield.

The video drew countless reactions on Tuesday. It was a truly moving moment as the flag emerged completely intact and hardly affected by the devastating storms that moved through the area over the weekend.

Recovery efforts will continue in Kentucky and the other midwestern states affected by the tornadoes for some time. If you’re interested in helping out the impacted communities, you can do so here.

Another Mayfield American Flag Found Days Earlier

Two days earlier, Mayfield mayor Kathy Stewart O’Nan helped rescue an American flag under the city’s fire station rubble. According to WVLT, she dug it out and handed it to two first responders to be property folded.

She admired the men for folding it with “the most respect.” O’Nan said while the men were up all night and tired, they “began to fold it as gently and as beautifully as I had ever seen.”

O’Nan told the TV station that she was keeping the flag at her house to respect the building that stood before the tornado.  

Massive Storm System Hurt Several States

According to ABC News, the fatality count is currently 88 people across 55 states. Kentucky has the most victims at 74, and victim ages range from two months to 98 years.

Kentucky governor Andy Beshear said that there were 122 residents still missing. Local officials worked to help approximately 24,000 customers without power since the tornadoes.

ABC News said Beshear choked up about the destruction in Dawson Springs. He said that while his grandparents’ house remained intact, another nearby area did not. He said, “one block up and left or right is just gone, just flattened.”

The severe weather system created 35 confirmed tornadoes, with 44 reported tornadoes across nine states.

According to the National Weather Service, more than 1,000 homes were in the way of a vast tornado path that surpassed 128 miles of western Kentucky.