American Flags Displayed in Tribute to 13 Military Members Killed in Afghanistan Vandalized in California

by Clayton Edwards

Thirteen members of America’s military perished in a suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan last month. To remember those brave men and women, people in Riverside, California erected a simple but poignant memorial. They hung thirteen American flags and one US Marine Corps flag on the fence along an overpass. Tuesday, authorities reported that someone vandalized those flags.

In a disgusting display of disrespect, someone cut all of the American flags as well as the USMC flag. The Riverside Police Department posted photos and a short message about the crime on their Facebook page.

Currently, the Riverside PD doesn’t have a suspect. However, they are looking for tips in hopes of bringing the culprit to justice. They are asking anyone who has any information about the incident to call their Property Crimes Division at (951) 353-7955.

Since there is no suspect in the case, the motive behind the crime is unknown. However, many comments on the post lean toward some political motivation.

Even in these highly divided times, it is mindboggling to see such an act take place. Those flags stood as a memorial to 13 brave American soldiers. They were symbols of mourning families and hopeful citizens. This act of defamation and vandalism is truly beyond comprehension.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to support the war or the government behind it to support the troops on the ground putting in the work. No matter what someone’s political ideology is, there is no excuse to look upon our military with disdain. This is especially true when they perished as these 13 soldiers did.

More About the Meaning Behind Those American Flags

The vast majority of the soldiers who lost their lives on that day in Kabul were little more than children. In fact, the eldest among them was Staff Sergeant Datin T. Hoover, a 31-year-old Marine from Utah, according to Fox News. The rest were in the early-to-mid 20s. However, they took it upon themselves to enlist and travel halfway across the world to fulfill their oath to this country. Those flags flew to keep the memories of these brave young Americans alive.

The 13 American soldiers who came home in flag-draped coffins didn’t die in combat. Instead, they were the victims of a suicide bombing. Those soldiers were helping to evacuate refugees from the country.

The young men and women were in a foreign land lending helping hands to people who desperately wanted to escape tyranny. To say that they deserved better than having someone deface American flags flying in their honor is an understatement. The fact that one of their fellow Americans committed the act makes it even worse.