‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz Was Duped into Thinking a Pier 1 Imports Product was an Antique

by Joe Rutland

When even former “American Pickers” co-host Frank Fritz gets duped around a product, then it could even happen to you.

So, how does this type of thing happen to a guy like Fritz? He talked about it in a 2016 interview with The Columbus Dispatch.

Fritz is asked, “Have you ever bought something that turned out not to be what you thought it was?”

“I bought an oil lamp in California once that I thought was real, and when I got back, it had ‘Pier 1 Imports’ inside,” Fritz said. “I was just desperate to buy something.”

Former ‘American Pickers’ Co-Host Had Long History With Mike Wolfe

It’s probably not the first time Fritz felt that desperation. He’s no longer a part of The History Channel show. Actually, Fritz and co-host Mike Wolfe ended up falling out of favor with one another. This is hard to believe because both men had known one another since elementary school.

But Fritz and Wolfe have not spoken to one another since 2019, according to Fritz.

Wolfe, though, is still on there. It’s tough for him to watch some of the early seasons of “American Pickers.” Why would that be possible?

Back in 2019, Wolfe gave an interview to a YouTube channel called Vegas Film Critic. He talked with Jeffrey K. Howard about how difficult it is for him to watch his younger self on camera.

“You know, when Frank and I first started this we were never on camera before,” Wolfe said in the interview. “And it was really hard for us. I look at Season 1, and 2, and 3, and I can’t watch that stuff. I can’t watch myself on camera because it was just so different, you know? I’m different on camera now. I feel like I’m the same person. But my thoughts are a little bit slower I guess.”

Wolfe Spoke Kindly Of His Former Co-Host In 2019 Interview

Also, Wolfe had some kind things back then to say about Fritz.

Both met for the first time in eighth grade. Even Mike’s brother, Robbie, has appeared in episodes of “American Pickers” over the years. The connection between Fritz and the Wolfes ran so deeply that Fritz was named godfather to two of Robbie Wolfe’s daughters.

“Yeah, we’ve known each other since eighth grade,” Wolfe said in 2019. “My brother has five kids, and Frank is the godfather to his twin girls. And he’s been like family to us. You know, I can’t say that neither of us has changed. We both have changed obviously, with the experience that we’ve gone through together. But it’s nice to have gone through the experience together.”

My, how times have changed for both of these men and for “American Pickers” as well.