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Americans Are Gradually Making Switch to Electric Lawn Care Tools Vs Gasoline

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The ease of electric lawn care tools is starting to push the gas-powered ones out of the picture to Americans.

The Associated Press said recently that the switch is on. Many recent electric buyers cite quieter, more eco-friendly machines. Some say less maintenance is the key.

New York resident Jared Anderman told the news service that gas mowers are a pain and that electric tools are quick to start. But keeping the batteries charged is critical.

After the electric lawnmower, he picked up more electric machines — an electric string trimmer followed by an electric hedge trimmer and an electric leaf blower.

“I don’t have an electric snowblower, yet,” he told The Associated Press. “But when I do replace the gas snowblower, it’ll be with an electric one,” 

With sales on the rise, many new customers see the joys of electric lawn tools like Anderman. According to the Allentown Morning Call, one big electric tool producer is raking in the dough.

The Stanley Black and Decker company estimate that sales of electric lawn tools have gone from 9 million units in 2015 to more than 16 million in 2020. That’s good for a leap of more than 75% in only five years.

People are ditching loud and smoky gas-powered lawnmowers for quieter ones.

“It’s definitely more maneuverable, and it’s a lot lighter,” Pennsylvania resident Tom Armstrong said

Key to Electric Battery Tools Is Batteries

With gas prices going up, the pain at the pump is less with electric batteries.

“Batteries have changed a lot in the past year alone, and we are there in terms of technology,” Kurt Morrell said.

Morrell is an associate vice president for horticulture operations at the New York Botanical Garden. He oversees 4,850 linear feet of hedges and his company increased its electric lawn mower tool usage to 100 percent in 2021.

“My guys won’t even touch a gas hedge trimmer anymore,” Morrell said.

Companies like Husqvarna are even making autonomous lawnmowers akin to the Roomba vacuum cleaner. That’s a product that Morrell likes.

Morrell said many electric lawn care tools are on par with their gas-powered predecessors. That is, except for one.

In his experience, the cordless electric leaf blowers are still a challenge “because they require a lot of velocity and power, and the weight of the battery at this point is a lot heavier than gas.”

Some folks are all about letting the leaves fall where they may.

American Green Zone Alliance founder Daniel Mabe said that putting leaves and other garden debris in winter beds helps the soil, insect, and other wildlife. 

Electric Tools Sales Better Than Gas

There is a downside at the moment. Getting all your lawn care tools to match the same battery can be substantial. And the costs, too.

Andrew Bray, vice president of government relations for the National Association of Professional Landscapers, said an average company would have to buy 36 batteries of the same brand

But Bray said the change is coming even after companies figure out the right battery for leaf blowers. He also estimated there are now at least 200 “all-electric” landscaping companies. 

Many don’t seem to mind buying the same brand name. Some electric power tools are growing at a rate of three times faster than gas, according to the Freedonia Group, a division of MarketResearch.com.