Americans Come Together To Honor Retired Firefighter After Woman’s Viral TikTok

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Martin BUREAU / AFP) (Photo by MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images)

Several people from all over honor a retired firefighter after his daughter Allison Marois’s TikTok went viral in February. In the video, Marois asked for help with a gift she wanted to work on for her father’s August birthday. Her father, Bill Collins, recently retired after being a firefighter for over 38 years.

What We Know

  • Allison Marois made a TikTok asking for help with her father’s birthday present.
  • Marois hoped for firefighter T-Shirts from all 50 states make a quilt for her father.
  • Marois has received shirts from all 36 of the 50 states so far.

“Hi, I’m Allie. And I really hope this makes it to the right side of TikTok,” Marois’s video started. “I want to collect fire shirts from every single shirt in the U.S. to make him a T-shirt quilt for his birthday.”

“He really is passionate about being a firefighter,” Marois said. “That’s the one thing that he’s loved. If someone was born to do something, my dad was born to be a firefighter. My dad is one of my number one supporters and he — he is really one of the best men in my life and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.”

Marois is making a T-shirt quilt for Collins, and she hopes to collect fire department T-shirts from all 50 states. After her TikTok went viral, the response to her retired firefighter father’s surprise became truly shocking. Several of the shirts came with hand-written notes from firefighters across the country. She’s receiving 3 to 10 shirts a day!

“I am just so shocked at the amount of people that were willing to send me a shirt,” Marois said. “Now, I’m getting close to even three to 10 shirts a day.”

So far, Marois has received dozens of shirts. However, as of yesterday, she is still in need of shirts from 14 more U.S. states.

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Firefighter Drives Pink Firetruck with Matching Uniform in Honor of Three Sisters Who Died from Breast Cancer

At Outsider, we are incredibly impressed with the response from the retired firefighter’s daughter’s TikTok. Late last year, another firefighter found a way to honor three sisters who all died from breast cancer.

Although retired firefighter Marshall Moneymaker is retired, he continues to put on his firefighter outfit and hop into his firetruck. But last year, he showed up to work in style!

Moneymaker sported a bright pink firetruck while wearing a matching suit. Even though you can never go wrong with pink, the retired firefighter’s reasons for sporting the color went beyond style.

After losing his three sisters to breast cancer, Moneymaker worked to raise community awareness to breast cancer. He also founded For 3 Sisters—a non-profit created to raise awareness.

“We’ve helped people get products, services, financial aid,” he said during an interview with the TODAY show. “We learned that if we can relieve that burden, they’re going to heal quicker, they’re going to heal better, and they’re going to heal faster.”

He also drives the pink fire truck around to encourage women to do self-examinations and to make sure they understand all of the warning signs of the disease.