Americans Truckers Are Trying to Organize Protest Like Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’: Report

by Shelby Scott

It appears COVID-19 is here to stay and vaccine and masking requirements have caused an uproar. The mandates receive consistent backlash in various industries across the United States as well as in other nations. The most recent pushback has come from American truckers after Canadian truck drivers organized their “Freedom Convoy,” an ongoing demonstration.

The “Freedom Convoy” protests the Canadian government’s decision to require truck drivers to quarantine after returning from the United States. Now, after Canadian truckers arrived in Ottawa to stage protests last weekend, American truckers have initiated similar plans.

According to Fox News, American truckers are planning a convoy of their own. Their plans will see drivers travel from California to Washington D.C. in protest of the latest vaccine mandates. Mike Landis, involved with organizing the latest convoy, said the growing movement is a “long time [in] coming.”

He spoke to the sheer number of people unhappy with vaccination mandates. Further, he hopes a large showing of support for the American truckers’ convoy will attract the attention of government officials.

Additionally, while the American convoy is organized by truckers from across the nation, organizers expect their protest will see support from a wide range of Americans.

Brian Brase, co-organizer for the event, said, “This crosses all genders, all races, all sexual orientations, all occupations.” He added, “Truckers might be standing up, but it’s not about the truckers. It’s about America.”

Canadian Truckers Convoy Supposedly Represents ‘Vocal Minority’

The American truckers’ convoy is still in the works at this point. Meanwhile, Canadian truckers continue to demonstrate their contempt for the vaccine mandate. The “Freedom Convoy” saw the support of more than 50,000 Canadian truckers, with supporters from the States also joining the protests. American truckers came from various states across the U.S. including Georgia, Colorado, South Carolina, and California.

However, despite the widespread attention the trucker convoy has received, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims the protest is minor. As the demonstrations remain ongoing, Trudeau stated nearly 90 percent of the Canadian population has been vaccinated. Therefore, as reports continue to come out regarding the protests, the prime minister referred to the group as a “vocal minority.”

Nevertheless, as of Saturday, the “Freedom Convoy” had reached more than 40 miles in length.

The protests create controversy, much like the vaccine mandates have, however, Tesla CEO and current wealthiest person in the world, Elon Musk, has publicly voiced his support for the truckers’ convoy.

In classic Elon Musk style, the multi-billionaire tweeted, “Canadian truckers rule,” followed by a collection of other related tweets.

Never shy in sharing his opinion, he also wrote, “Honestly, I would let the border regions vote. Let the people there actually decide.”