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Americans Will Have Access to Another Round of Free COVID Tests Starting Next Week

by Anna Dunn
A woman squeezing the sample liquid on a test strip while carrying out a Covid-19 rapid self test at home.

On Tuesday, Biden announced that another round of free COVID tests will be available to Americans starting next week. The move is aimed to ensure everyone can get a test regardless of the cost. This should help prevent the spread of the disease.

What to Know

  • Experts caution that preventing the spread of the Virus is still a pressing issue.
  • You can order at home tests online.
  • Citizens can place two orders per residential address for a total of eight free tests per household.
  • You are eligible to order these tests regardless of when you last ordered them.
  • They should take between 7 and 12 days to ship.

Biden Announced the New Round Tests during his State of the Union Address

He announced this measure during his State of the Union Address, saying that the administration is “leaving no one behind or ignoring anyone’s needs as we move forward. We have made hundreds of millions of tests available for you to order for free We must prepare for new variants.”

Right now, the amount of COVID-19 cases is declining in the United States, but according to experts, the virus should not be allowed to spread. The spread of the virus is what allows these new variants to form. And new variants could be dangerous, potentially becoming more deadly, easier to spread, or both.

Deaths from COVID-19 are decreasing globally, but experts caution that it’s important to stay alert, even as States start pulling back mask mandates.

Here’s How to Get Free COVID Tests

The United States Postal Service says that to get a free covid test when they become available, you can start placing your orders at https://www.covidtests.gov/. You can also go to a USPS order form. According to USA Today, if you have additional questions or need help ordering tests, you can call 1-800-232-0233 (1-888-720-7489 for TTY).

The tests are individual rapid antigen tests. You’re able to place two orders per residential address. An order comes with four, so that’s eight free COVID tests per household that you can take right at home.

It also doesn’t matter when you last ordered free COVID tests. Regardless of when you last ordered, you are still eligible for the second round.

“Even if you already ordered free tests tonight, I am announcing that you can order more from covidtests.gov starting next week,” Biden said.

If they ship at the same speed as the initial round of free COVID Tests, orders will likely take between 7 and 12 days to ship.