‘America’s Best Restroom’ Contest Crowns Colorado Park Bathroom Winner

by Jennifer Shea

A bathroom in Colorado Springs, Colorado has won the America’s Best Restroom contest.

A Futuristic Restroom

There is a public restroom in Colorado Springs’ Bancroft Park that boasts some high-tech amenities, Fox News reports. The restroom self-cleans every 30 uses. It also features a touchless automatic toilet paper dispenser, automatic soap and water dispensers and hand dryers.

The restroom has three compartments, one of them ADA-compliant. Each compartment includes a red, green and yellow light for people waiting to use it. When supplies are running out, an app contacts the park maintenance supervisor about the shortage.

The compartments also offer a greeting when you walk in, as well as music, according to Fox 21

Cintas Corporation, a Cincinnati-based business supplies company, sponsors the contest. The winner gets $2,500 in Cintas products and services. 

“We’re very proud to win this award since opening these new restrooms just a few short months ago,” Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Karen Palus said in a press release. “The amount of recognition we’ve received is a testament to the value people place in hygienic and memorable public restrooms. We’re grateful for everyone who voted for our facility.”

A Steep Price Tag

According to Fox, Colorado Springs spent $301,000 on the restroom. It was part of a broader renovation of the park after a 2017 bandshell fire.

The restroom also features some safeguards against vandals.

“Unfortunately, we have some vandalism in our parks in the restrooms,” Steve Bodette, capital projects coordinator for the City of Colorado Springs, told Fox 21. “This has a lot of timers on it that allow for locking the restrooms after hours. It has features in there where people aren’t staying in there longer than necessary, hence the seven-minute timer. After seven minutes, there will be an alarm that goes off. There’s a warning and then there’s an alarm.”

The city believes the restroom’s attributes, like its self-cleaning feature, will save money in the long run.