Amtrak Train in Montana Derails, Leaving at Least 3 Dead and Others ‘Trapped’

by Madison Miller

Tragedy struck near Joplin, Montana when an Amtrak train derailed.

The train derailed at about 4 p.m. on Saturday and three people are currently confirmed to be dead from the accident.

According to CNN, the eight cars were headed from Chicago to the Seattle area. There was a total of two locomotives and 10 cars that made up the entirety of the train. When the train derailed it injured what is currently an undisclosed number of people.

There could be more dead passengers as well as several sustaining serious injuries.

Amtrak Train Derails in Montana

What we do know, however, is that there were 141 passengers on that train. Not included in that number are the 16 crew members also on board. Amtrak has issued a statement regarding this situation as more details come to light.

“We are deeply saddened to learn local authorities are now confirming that three people have lost their lives as a result of this accident. There are also reported injuries among the passengers and crew members traveling on the train. Amtrak is working with the local authorities to transport those who were injured to medical care, and to safely evacuate everyone else at the scene,” said the statement from the company.

As of now, Amtrak has made it a priority to send over what is called the Incident Response Team. There have been groups of emergency personnel sent to the scene of the incident in order to support the large group that’s involved in this tragedy.

For those concerned about loved ones and friends that could have potentially been on that train, Amtrak has a number for people to call and get answers. That number is 800-523-9101.

Details on Amtrak, Other Train Collision

The reason that the trail derailed is currently unknown, however, the National Transporation Safety Board is continuing to look into it. This story will develop more as the details surrounding the train’s incident and possibly more injuries come to light.

The Empire Builder is one of the most popular experiences Amtrak offers. It gives a gorgeous ride through the American West. It travels between Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Spokane, Portland, and Seattle. It allows passengers to get a look at the amazing wilderness, which includes large portions of the famous Lewis and Clark Trail.

Meanwhile, local news KXAN reported on a train collision with a wind turbine blade recently in Luling, Texas. The truck was carrying a wind turbine and had failed to make it over the tracks in time.

There were no serious injuries reported, but the wind turbine certainly did not make it out alive. There are a few crew members from the train that were taken to the hospital following the incident. The train also had some damages as well.

Apparently, the railroad crossing arms were not down when the truck went to cross over the tracks.