Amusement Park Ride Plummets to the Ground Leaving Over a Dozen Hospitalized in Horrifying Video

by Caitlin Berard

On Sunday (September 4), residents of Mohali, India, flocked to the Dashera Ground in Phase-8 to enjoy an evening of carnival food and thrilling amusement park rides at a visiting fair. Among the most popular attractions was the drop tower, which brought riders 50 feet into the air before sending them rocketing back to the ground, spinning the whole way down.

With close to 50 riders on board, the amusement park ride slowly made its ascent, reaching the top of the tower as normal. Down below, dozens of bystanders took in the flashing lights and joyful screams of the ride while waiting their turn.

The drop ride then began its descent, falling at a much faster pace than it rose, as is normal for such a ride. Rather than slowing as it neared the ground, however, the ride only picked up speed.

And instead of bringing the riders to a cushioned halt, it crashed violently into the base. Bystanders screamed in terror as supporting cables popped and electricity cracked from the now broken lights.

Nikhil Choudhary, a journalist for Hindi-language broadcaster TV9, shared a clip of the horrific event on social media. “Live visual of swing breaking in Mohali phase 8,” he wrote. “Many people got injured. Around 16 women and kids were hospitalized after the incident.”

Amusement Park Ride Malfunction Sparks Police Investigation

Following the amusement park ride malfunction, The Hindustan Times reported that children as young as 10 years old were being treated at a nearby hospital. Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported as of Monday (September 5).

As the situation unfolded, however, some shocking reports surfaced. There were allegedly no ambulances on standby at the fair, according to eyewitnesses. Emergency services arrived a few minutes later, but it’s always best, and often required by law, to have help ready at the scene.

“We picked up the injured and rushed to the hospital,” recalled Jaspreet Kaur, an eyewitness to the horrific scene. According to Kaur, fairground bouncers attempted to “threaten” those trying to help while the carnival “employees fled the scene.”

Organizers assured the public that the amusement park ride accident was the result of a “technical issue”. They also promised to “cooperate with the police and administration.”

Learning of the allegedly poorly handled incident, Mohali police were outraged. As the circumstances surrounding the amusement park ride malfunction remain unclear, an investigation was launched.

“We are trying to find out how this happened,” said Police Superintendent Harsimran Singh Bal. “A case will be registered accordingly.”

“We will hold an inquiry,” added Mohali Deputy Commissioner Amit Talwar. “And strict action will be taken against the guilty.”