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An Entire Old Western Town Is for Sale in Colorado

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

An old western town of about 320 acres in Colorado could be yours for a cool $4.7 million, making it attractive to any tycoon or filmmaker.

Taste Of Country reported on the western town and showed a few pictures of the massive property.

The town, complete with Western themes and its 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom Ponderosa Lodge, also features a gourmet kitchen and designer lighting. It’s got Amish hickory flooring throughout the residence.

Too bad I just learned about this AFTER Christmas, right? The town in Saguache (pronounced Sawatch) is about a 3-hour drive southwest of Denver. 

Somebody needs to give Taylor Sheridan a call for his next “Yellowstone” spinoff show. Maybe there’s a music promoter out there who wants to have a Wild West festival version of Woodstock. Or maybe there’s a theme park guy out there that would like to take a shot.

More On The Colorado Western Town For Sale

There’s quite a bit to the place once called Old Cow Town Resort. The property once had destination weddings, private events, retreats, and other events.

The property is 17.5-miles west of town, with the municipal airport not too far away.

The Ponderosa Lodge had a living room with a unique indoor water feature. There’s also a 5-stall stable and an oversized barn with 13 stalls if you have a lot of horses.

The town could be a hunter’s paradise as elk, deer, and antelope migrate through the property. There are also two ponds, two creeks, and three wells.

The rest of the town includes a saloon/restaurant, a general store, a chapel, and an operational hotel and dance hall. Modern amenities include a mini-golf course, a shooting range, an outdoor stage for live music, and RV hookups.

Diane Dunlop is a reported owner of the property. She was working to become the property’s fourth owner in eight years with plans of making the resort “a relaxing place.” The Center Post Dispatch reported on Dunlap’s attempt to bring a summer concert series to the property in 2018. The newspaper said that past owners wanted to run the resort as a for-profit operation.

The resort’s first owner, Myron Smith, worked to create Old West town. He once had a bank building and a church in the town’s lineup. The newspaper called the main street setup like the 1952 film “High Noon.” 

Colorado Town’s Area Has Infrastructure

The nearby official town of Saguache is the county seat of Saguache County. Less than 500 folks live within city limits.

The local chamber of commerce promotes a school, a library, and a museum. Tourists can come to the area to sightsee, cycle, hike, or camp.

Want to eat in town? There are two restaurants (one Mexican, one pizzeria). There are also four churches, two gas stations, a liquor store, two grocery stores for residents. Finally, local businesses include a sawmill and an organic farm.