Andrew Cuomo, Donald Trump In Heated Argument After Cuomo Says He ‘Better Have An Army’

by Caroline Bynum

As tweets rolled in, Kojo Ebro, a radio personality and American media executive, basically said, “let the games begin..”

And, of course, they did. Many users gave their thoughts on the heated debate between the two politicians at length via Twitter.

Users Side With Trump and Attack Cuomo

Some jumped to the president’s side, tweeting their thoughts to further his hit at the New York governor. Tweets that, in effect, blame Cuomo for the high coronavirus deaths in NYC cover Twitter feeds.

Similarly, another quoted Trump’s tweet and said the death toll could be considered “mass murder”

To another point, one user said Cuomo’s statement should have been directed at anyone visiting the city. They say the crime rates are so high due to his leadership, anyone would need an army to walk the NYC streets.

Sam Stein says Trump “has a point” while retweeting the president’s tweets to Cuomo. Though he then replied to his own tweet adding Trump’s “incongruent” statements on COVID.