‘Angels of the Road’ Motorcycle Ride Honors 9/11 Victims, Raises $40K for Veterans with PTSD

by Clayton Edwards

What comes to mind when you hear a group of motorcycles thundering down the road? Some think back to Sons of Anarchy or Easy Rider. Some citizens may even get a little nervous when they see a pack of leather-clad men and women seated atop steel steeds. People in the Mukwonago, Wisconsin area witnessed a massive group of motorcycles and other vehicles traversing their streets on Sunday. However, they weren’t a roving biker gang. Instead, they were participants in this year’s Angels of the Road Ride for Veterans.

The annual Angels of the Road ride raises money to help American veterans who suffer from PTSD. Many of our men and women regularly come back from their deployments with deep, ugly scars that no one can see. However, those wounds are real even if they are invisible. Most can agree that our government doesn’t do enough to help those who come back with mental wounds. Thankfully, there are people like this who gather together to give back to those who fought for our freedoms. The money they raise can do more good than most people realize.

This year marked the fourth annual Angels of the Road ride. This year’s event raised money for Hogs for Heroes and Wisconsin Hero Outdoors. Both of those organizations are veteran-focused nonprofits. They share the goal of helping those with PTSD adjust to normal life once again.

 According to Fox 6, the event raised $40,000 for those organizations through ticket sales, raffles, and food. Participants paid $25 per vehicle and $15 per passenger to take part in the ride.

However, this year’s Angels of the Road ride was different. It took place on the day after the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. So, the ride was also a time of reflection for its participants.

More about the Angels of the Road Ride’s Partners

Wisconsin Hero Outdoors is a company that we here at Outsider can really get behind. They organize outdoor activities for veterans, first responders, and their families. Events include kayak fishing, ice fishing, day hikes, and golf. The best part is that they do it all at no cost to the participants. They understand that sometimes the best therapy is found in mother nature. According to their website, “No one form of therapy is a perfect fit for everyone, and helping make a variety of options available to our veterans, first responders, and their families is the goal of Wisconsin Hero Outdoors.

Hogs for Heroes know that the freedom of the road and the community found among motorcycle riders can go a long way in healing mental wounds. With that in mind, they raise funds to help put veterans on Harleys across the state of Wisconsin. They make a difference in their community “One bike at a time. One hero at a time.”