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Angry Coal Miner Destroys Trucks with Backhoe After Boss Refuses To Pay Him

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Hariandi Hafid/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

If you’re going to have your employees drive heavy-duty destruction vehicles, you might want to think twice before withholding their pay. Or, at the very least, hide the keys to the backhoe during a heated discussion. Unfortunately for this coal miner’s boss, he did neither of those things, and he paid the price.

When a Turkish miner, known as Hakan M., didn’t receive his monthly wages from his boss, he became infuriated. Of course, this is understandable, but the coal miner didn’t take it up with authorities or try reasoning with his boss. Instead, he hopped right back into his digger, turned it on and proceeded to a row of five dump trucks and lowered the arm. One after another, Hakan M. smashed the tops and front windshields in during his rampage. Stunned co-workers gathered at the scene, shocked at Hakan M.’s actions. Finally, a levelheaded colleague convinced the enraged coal miner to step out of the vehicle before damaging any other company property. You can check out the wild video here.

Needless to say, he definitely wasn’t seeing that paycheck now. But here’s the kicker: Hakan M. is also his boss’s nephew. So, even if the issue occurred at work, it will likely cause some bad blood at home. Imagine coming home to your spouse and explaining why you pummeled five of your uncle’s trucks. He might be sleeping on the couch tonight.

While the coal surely was in the doghouse at home, he did manage to make a bit of progress with his uncle/boss. Apparently, once the coal miner had a chance to collect himself, he seemed to realize the error in his ways and made a deal with his boss to pay for the destruction he caused. It’s unclear if the boss has pressed any charges on or taken any legal actions against his nephew.

Coal Miner Revenge Follows Similar Incident in U.K.

Unfortunately, the Turkish coal miner’s actions aren’t a unique occurrence. In fact, the wrath of a backhoe seems to be a common method of vengeance for unpaid workers.

In 2019, while constructing a new hotel in Liverpool, England, one construction worker just couldn’t contain his anger. Just as the final touches were being added to the Travelodge, the man climbed in a mini backhoe, navigated up the rampway and began clawing away at the lobby and front door, creating thousands of dollars worth of damage with each swipe.

Meanwhile, just as with the coal miner, coworkers gathered at the scene, pleading for the man to stop. According to Liverpool Echo, the man’s employers still owed him $775 – or, at least, that’s what he was yelling as he destroyed the brand new hotel. While many were aghast with the man’s actions, some coworkers stood by the slighted constructor’s bravery. In fact, supporters even set up a GoFundMe for the driver to pay for legal wages resulting from the incident as well as his missing paycheck. They raised over $4,000 in funds.

Watch the worker take matters into his own hands in the video below.