Antique Hunter Channels ‘American Pickers’ and Finds Farm With Items Worth Thousands

by Amy Myers

One U.K. resident found a location that was the American Pickers dream – and also its worst nightmare. YouTube antique hunter Daniel Sims often explorers abandoned residences with old and unique objects. This time, he found a house full of antiques from top to bottom. But for as many valuables as there were, there was just as much mold and rot.

While exploring in Yorkshire, Sims came across the old farmhouse and decided to check out what kind of treasures were inside. According to his video, the American Pickers-style hunter found out about the location from a fellow antique enthusiast. So, they crawled in through a small window and toured the old home.

Oddly enough, it seemed like the family that lived in the home left nearly everything behind. The only empty spaces in the entire house were the closets, where there were only a few hangers. The bathrooms were still full of toothbrushes and soaps. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, there were still a few jars of jam and plenty of kitchenware.

They even found early 20th century desks in decent condition and tons of antique Disney memorabilia.

Check out the full video below.

The Situation Turned from Antique House to Haunted House

At first, Sims and his accompanying friend treated the trip like any other. They browsed through some royal objects like old nutcrackers and furniture and admired the china and glassware.

“I started seeing lots of items left around so a wave of excitement took hold as I went inside,” Sims told Jam Press. “I could tell it was going to be interesting to look at this place.”

But soon, Sims started to feel uneasy, especially when he came across a couple of homemade dolls.

“The atmosphere was calm at first, however at times it became quite eerie – we would hear random noises throughout the house that put us a little on edge,” he continued.

‘American Pickers’ Host Might Not Be Stopping by Anytime Soon

He’s not the only superstitious explorer, either. American Pickers host Mike Wolfe has repeatedly expressed his belief in haunted items and houses. Sometimes, his fear gets the best of him and he leaves a room before even picking through anything.

In fact, Wolfe had a similar experience back in 2015 when he was picking through a Minnesota family’s barn. The current homeowners made the mistake of telling Wolfe about the barn’s haunted history, and the American Pickers star was immediately spooked.

“I’ve always believed in that stuff. I’ve had experiences with ghosts before. Sometimes I believe that ghosts can attach to some of the things that I buy,” Wolfe said at the time.

American Pickers doesn’t usually deal with abandoned locations, but as we saw with Sims, they could be a huge resource for antiques. But unless a seance and smudging happen beforehand, you can bet Wolfe won’t be adding these to his pick list anytime soon.