WATCH: Apache Helicopter Captures Footage of UFO ‘Maneuvering Unlike Any Known Aircraft’

by Clayton Edwards

In recent years, more and more people have started looking to the skies with curiosity. Could all of the stories of flying saucers and extraterrestrial life be true? With each new piece of information that comes out, it seems that we’re getting closer to some kind of answer.

In the past, those who saw something unexplainable in the skies were labeled crackpots. However, that stigma is starting to go away. Everyone from Deadliest Catch stars to The Pentagon has been talking about unidentified crafts and questioning their origins. Additionally, members of the US military have reported unidentified aerial phenomena in rising numbers recently. Last week, footage of a trio of UFOs captured by an Apache helicopter surfaced, leading many to believe that we aren’t alone here on earth.

At a Glance

  • A co-pilot of an Apache helicopter witnessed three UFOs behaving strangely in Arizona
  • The co-pilot captured the footage in November 2018
  • Skeptics and believers have weighed in on the video

The Footage Captured by the Apache Helicopter Raises Questions

The Debrief released the UFO footage captured by the Apache helicopter on May 27. In the YouTube video, they zoom in and focus on the unidentified crafts. Even after zooming and focusing, the crafts are still frustratingly hard to see. However, we can see them clearly enough to know that they are moving unlike any conventional planes available today. Check out the video below.

The helicopter co-pilot captured his UFO sighting on the Apache’s Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor or M-TADS/PNVS. This is the reason that the video is so grainy. During the video, you can also hear the conversation between the pilot and co-pilot. Upon seeing the UFOs, the co-pilot exclaimed, “Wow! Are those three really fast-moving jets up there?” The pilot believed they were. “Probably,” he said, “Probably some A10s or F-16s. But I’m not looking up there.”

Luckily for us, the Apache helicopter’s co-pilot continued to visually track the UFOs.

It Probably Wasn’t Fighter Jets

Interestingly, the video starts with the pilot communicating with air traffic control. He requests clearance for takeoff and is told that he’s good to go. The air traffic controller does not mention other aircraft in the vicinity. However, that could be normal. It’s hard to see gauge how far away the UFOs are from the Apache helicopter.

More importantly, The Debrief spoke to former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Chris Lehto about the UFO footage captured by the Apache helicopter. He spent 16 years flying F-16s and holds a Master’s degree in aeronautical science.

A Former Fighter Pilot Weighs In

“It looks like three definite objects, but at a distance. The first thing that stands out to me is the rate of acceleration,” Lehto said. “If you see an airline at a distance, you’re just expecting it to move a certain amount of distance in a certain amount of time. Especially as a pilot, you just… build that our mote and you’re used to looking at planes and assessing how far away they are. And looking at objects, your brain just gets more and more attuned to that,” he explained. He went on to say that the rate of acceleration of the objects in the video didn’t make sense for any objects he observed in his years as a pilot. After a close analysis of the footage, Lehto said the objects were traveling too fast to be conventional or military aircraft.

However, the way the objects appeared to rotate and dance around one another was even more striking for the former fighter pilot. “How they fly, it doesn’t feel mechanical to me. They’re changing altitudes and headings, or it just doesn’t feel like how we would fly, how I would fly a plane… It’s just kind of willy nilly flying around.” He went on to say that maneuvers shown in the UFO footage captured by the Apache helicopter just aren’t possible for even high-performance fighter jets.

Skeptics Weigh in on the Apache Helicopter UFO Footage

Noted UFO skeptic Mick West weighed in on the Apache helicopter footage. He claims that these objects in the video are, in fact, birds. The thread of his tweet shows several more skeptics accepting his explanation of the footage.

While Arizona is home to several nocturnal birds, I cannot find any species that reach speeds higher than a military fighter jet. At this point, it’s a question of who to believe. The skeptic who makes a living debunking sightings or the fighter pilot tasked with analyzing the video. Honestly, there are solid arguments on both sides.