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Apple’s New Budget iPhone Will Be More Expensive

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Apple’s new budget iPhone will actually be more expensive. The phone, which connects to ultrafast 5g networks, may promise speed, but it’s not looking friendly on the wallet.

What to Know

  • The 5G Upgrade has been available on the companies more expensive models for over a year.
  • The new iPhone SE will be 8% more expensive than its previous model.
  • It’ll cost $429
  • It’ll be available in stores March 18th
  • The new iPhone SE upgrade reportedly features a faster processor, bettery battery, and more durable screen.
  • The iPhone 13, however, is much more expensive, pricing from $700 – $1,100

The New Budget iPhone is 8% More Expensive than The Last

The new budget iPhone is jumping price points. While the old iPhone SE, which has been one of the company’s most popular products, comes in at $399. The new one will cost $429. According to AP, the new phone will be available in stores starting on March 18th.

The latest version of the iPhone SE came out at the start of the pandemic nearly two years ago. AP points to “inflationary pressures that have been roiling the economy” as part of the reason the new one is more expensive.

All of this information comes out of the new Apple event. And out of an abundance of caution, nobody was allowed to attend in person. The company instead hosted it online.

The phone upgrade does come with its perks. It promises better battery life, a faster processor, and a more durable screen, which is 4.7-inches. Most people, however, are interested in its 5G compatibility. And despite the price jump, it remains cheaper than other Apple phones that are compatible with 5g.

The New Apple Budget iPhone Is Still Significantly Less Expensive Than the iPhone 13

The new apple budget iPhone is still significantly less expensive than the iPhone 13, which came out last fall. The iPhone 13 can cost consumers anywhere from $700 to $1,100. 5g Networks still aren’t widely available, but the idea of faster networks turned out to be a huge draw for consumers, who lined up to get the new phone despite the price point.

Considering that the iPhone SE is incredibly popular, people will probably do the same for the March release of the phone, even with such a big jump in price.

Since releasing the 5g feature, apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple has been drawing in new customers since the fall release of the iPhone 13, and with the iPhone SE? He says that “we are excited for the new iPhone SE to build on this momentum.”