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Apple Event: New Purple iPhone 12 Announced

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by James D. Morgan/Getty Images)

Apple held a mini virtual event today and added a splash of color to its existing line of iPhone 12 models. Starting this Friday (April 23rd), the iPhone 12, along with its pro and mini counterparts, will be available in purple.

While those shopping for an iPhone 12 who love the color can rejoice, the move has left some confused. Typically, Apple doesn’t release new colors between hardware upgrades, but this addition is completely aesthetic. No matter the reasons, Twitter users have been having fun with the announcement, with many lamenting that they upgraded before the purple color came out.

Is it Time For an iPhone Upgrade? All about the 12

If you’ve been considering getting a new phone lately, or you have to have the purple iPhone, the iPhone 12 has significant advantages over its predecessors. Even in comparison to the iPhone 11, the 12 has a laundry list of upgrades.

The iPhone 12’s screen is a major improvement from previous models. Its OLED screen, even on entry-level models, is a significant improvement over the LCD tech used in previous models. OLED essentially offers more vivid colors and better contrast. The resolution on the 12 is also upgraded.

But it’s not just the visuals that have improved—the 12 has tougher glass than previous models. Few things are less annoying than cracking your phone screen, but the iPhone 12 has 4x the drop protection as previous models. Apple calls the new tech “ceramic shield.” You won’t be able to launch it off a balcony or anything, but it’ll likely spare the accident-prone a few headaches.

When it comes to the cameras, the iPhone 12 is top-notch. The front and back cameras have low light mode, allowing users to take good photos in relatively poor lighting. The 12 also takes a huge step in video shooting with its new Dolby Vision HDR recording. iPhone cameras are notoriously top quality, and the 12 is no exception.

The battery life in the 12 is quite similar to the battery life in the 11. But the battery life in the 11 is significantly better than previous iPhones.

If you’re jumping from an older model, the 12 may get some getting used to. It’s bigger, and its lack of a home button can cause some frustration at first. You’ll also lose the functionality of the fingerprint unlock that exists on other smartphones.

The Price Point

Arguably the biggest downside of the phone is the price point. The iPhone 12 starts at $799. If you’re looking to save some money or want a smaller screen, the 12 mini starts at $699. The 12 pro starts at $999 and the pro max starts at $1099.

If you’re wondering if the 12 is worth it, Forbes described the phone as “one of the biggest jumps forward yet for the iPhone.” Many who debate between getting the 12 or the 12 pro look at the 12 pros’ superior storage, camera, and battery life. For most, however, the iPhone 12 will work just fine.

So, if you’ve been thinking of upgrading your phone lately and love purple, you can order the new purple iPhone 12 on Friday! For more trending news, stick with us here at Outsider.