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Apple Unveils First Photos of New iPhone 13 and ‘Mini’ Version

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo credit should read Costfoto/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Apple fans rejoice! Photos of the new iPhone 13 have been revealed and they have people talking on social media. With a new camera display and colorways, the phone looks to be a typical iPhone. During the event, the new specs and details of the new phone were shared as well. Along with the iPhone 13 is a mini version for those that like smaller screens.

These new photos show a new set of colorways. It appears that there is a light pink version, and it is the main color displayed. Also in the lineup blue, black, white, and red allowing for some choice. With the camera display switched up a bit, the phone looks like a 12, but what is inside matters more.

There are a variety of different models as well. The iPhone 13 comes in the standard model, as well as the Mini, Pro, and Pro Max models. Among the updates includes an A15 Bionic chip, a six-core CPU with two cores, and other updates to the GPU. In addition, the cameras have been updated with a wider opening as well as new video features, the camera power will impress.

These cameras are built for professional-style photos. While the cameras get a big update as well as other internal features, the battery life is expected to be longer than the 12, If so, consumers are going to be very happy with the new phones. Battery life is such an issue with smart devices, the longer they last the better.

Apple iPhone 13 Siri Updates

One of the biggest reasons to cheer if you are an Apple fan: Siri updates! Not just any old updates, the iPhone 13 will have big changes. Siri will not rely on the internet all the time. There will be preloaded requests and responses set up on the device for the first time in 10 years. Now, that is something to be happy about.

Another bright spot to notice, there isn’t a $1,000 price tag with the new device either. This phone will have the same price range as the previous generation. Starting at $799, the Pro Max will run consumers $1,099. There will surely be lines in order to get these devices. Starting Friday, September 17th, preorders will open. A week later on the 24th, the phones will hit store shelves where buyers can get them in person.

At the Apple Event, there were many other announcements. Among those, updates to the iPad Mini, a new iPad, as well as a new Apple Watch Series 7. Sprinkled throughout were other small announcements. However, the iPhone 13 was the highlight of the announcements. The new phones will be in hands soon enough.