Arizona Man Rescued from Storm Drain After 48 Hours, Tells Authorities He ‘Had a Bad Day’

by Taylor Cunningham

If you think you had a bad day today, listen to this story. An Arizona man was just rescued from a storm drain, where he’d been stuck for two very bad days.

A couple of days ago, an unnamed man in his thirties decided to crawl into a drain system that started near a park he was visiting. And shortly after entering the system, he got stuck. So he crawled around until he found an opening. And from there, the Arizona man was able to wave and scream at people until someone saw and called the Glendale Fire Department for help.

EMS workers were able to lower a ladder into the opening and pull the man to safety. Once he was freed, officials asked the Arizona man why he crawled into the system. He refused to tell them the reason. He only stated that “he had a bad day.” And that day ended up turning into a nightmare.

“It’s not something we see every day,” Ashley Losch, public information officer for Glendale Fire, told FOX 10 Phoenix after the event. “But we’re ready.” 

Arizona Man is in Good Health After Spending Two Days Inside a Drainage System

Losch told reporters that the man appeared to be in good health. But an ambulance took him to a local hospital. She also stressed how dangerous the situation was for the Arizona man and the crew who pulled him from the drain.

July through September happens to be Arizona’s monsoon season. During those three months, the state gets 50% of its annual precipitation. If the man had happened upon the drain opening before a storm, the bad day could have turned out to be a lot worse.

“What we are concerned about when it comes to something like this is oxygen-deficient area. So we definitely discourage people from going in there, not to mention when it’s raining, there’s water,” Glendale Fire Capt. Ashley Losch told AZ Family. 

Upon rescuing the trapped man, the GFD posted a video on Twitter.

“Technical rescue teams/firefighters from Glendale& @PeoriaFire rescued a man in his 30’s from a storm drain after a passerby saw him waving his arm from the storm drain,” the department wrote. “They stopped to see if he was okay and called 9-1-1 for help. The man is being transported to the hospital.”