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Arizona Police Officer Goes Viral After Rescuing American Flag Blown From Post

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images / Contributor/ Getty Images)

An Arizona police officer is going viral after a surveillance video reveals her selflessly returning an American flag to a home after it blew away. 

Peoria, Arizona police officer and Air Force veteran, Shelly Montes says it was an honor to return the flag to its owner. 

“It’s a sense of honor for me as a military veteran,” she admits. “It’s a pride thing for me. Seeing the flag on the floor is painful.”

When the wind picked up in Peoria, it blew the flag from its stand on the house. Montes, who was patrolling the neighborhood during a night shift, found the fallen flag. She proceeded to roll it up and place it on a patio chair on the owner’s doorstep. 

Montes says incidents similar to this happen “quite often” during monsoon season, but the small gestures like these are how she remains patriotic during challenging times. 

“It’s a sense of pride, and it’s a sense of pride for many officers,” she said. “And I know I’m not the only officer that does this. It’s a sense of honor for our country and those of us who have served and continue to serve our community.”

Montes admits that she was unaware of the cameras catching her kind act. She only became aware of the video when it made its way to Facebook and went viral. She still has yet to meet the grateful owner of the flag but says she plans to.  

As Montes mentioned, many police officers around the country have been caught on camera saving the flag they honor just as Montes has. 

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