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Army Vet Receives Daily $50 Fine for Flying American Flag in Backyard

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Annette Riedl/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A Middletown, Delaware man is at odds with his homeowner’s association for his displaying of the American Flag.

Army Veteran Richard Killingsworth says the association is fining him $50 each day for flying the flag, according to Philadelphia’s ABC news affiliate.

Killingsworth’s flag measures three by five-feet and stands at 13 feet. It Resides in the backyard of his Parkside Development home in Middleton. The flag has come under scrutiny for fear it could “divide the community.”

Killingsworth told ABC News that the Parkside Homeowners Association claims the flagpole in violation of neighborhood rules. He says he takes pride in flying the flag.

“I take great pride in seeing that when I walk to the back door every day,” he said

Killingsworth’s neighbors tell ABC that they don’t know why a big deal is being made of the situation.

“I really don’t understand the controversy here,” Dennis Cini, Killingsworth’s neighbor, said.

Another Parkside homeowner told ABC News that the neighborhood would rather not the see the situation escalate into a courtroom situation.

“A bunch of residents in our community have a problem with fighting this out in court,” resident Kelly Corbett adds.

Killingsworth also notes a large bronze eagle in his backyard has been a point of contention with the homeowner’s association in the past.

“Why push for an argument over a national symbol when it’s in someone’s backyard that only adds to the community,” he asks.

Flag Issue Could go to Court

Killingsworth says the flagpole disagreement has cost him big bucks and he now risks having to put a lien on the home to keep it up. His attorney, Ted Kittila, says the law is on his client’s side.

“The state law could not be more clear with respect to his right to fly the national flag,” Kittilla tells ABC. “It is under the requirement under the state law.”

Kittila says if push back from the association continues, the matter could be taken to a court of law.

“If it keeps being pushed further we’re going to have to seek an injunction in court,” he says.

The ABC news affiliate says the Parkside Homeowners’ Association has not responded to numerous attempts for comments.

“The flag should not be divisive,” Killingsworth says. “The flag should bring unity and people together.”

H/T: ABC Action News