Army Veteran Embarking on 2-Day March in Honor of Military Members Killed in Afghanistan

by Clayton Edwards

 Anthony DiLizia, a 25-year-old US Army veteran is taking a two-day trek across the state of Connecticut. DiLizia will travel over seventy miles in the next two days in honor of the 13 soldiers lost in the recent Kabul Airport attack.

The Army veteran hopes to raise money for the families of those fallen soldiers. He hopes to draw attention to his cause with the two-day march. He began the march this morning, September 2, at the veterans’ monument in Enfield, CT. His journey will end on Friday at Ocean Beach Park in New London, CT, according to Patch.

DiLizia told Patch about the reason behind his march. “I’m doing this march across the state because of this one thing that connects all of us branches. We all do marches so it’s something that we can all relate to,” he said before embarking on his journey. Before hitting the road, he added, “We’re just trying to get people to donate to show the world what Connecticut is capable of when we rally behind a good cause such as this.”

The Army veteran also told the publication why he chose Enfield as his starting point. For one, it’s in the northernmost part of the state. More importantly, he wanted to start at the memorial. It’s a symbolic starting point that speaks to the true goal of his march – to honor the fallen.

About this, he said, “Once I realized that they had the veterans’ memorial, I decided this is where it’s happening because it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous tribute to veterans.”

Before setting out, he made sure to plan a route and discuss his plans with local authorities. The Army veteran coordinated his route with police, fire departments, and town leaders of each of the communities on his path.

How Can You Contribute to This Army Veteran’s Cause?

If you want to contribute to the cause that this Army Veteran is walking for, you can. Just head over to the Walk for the Warriors of Kabul Facebook page. There, you’ll find a donation link. Additionally, if you’re a Connecticut resident and want to meet or see DiLizia, you can find a detailed route and estimated timeline for the march.

The Army veteran isn’t just marching for a good cause. He’s also causing his mother’s heart to swell with pride. His mom, Kim Roche, spoke to Patch about her son’s endeavor.

“He’s always been a kid that always wanted to go above and beyond, to do what he can for people,” she said about her son. About the march and the cause behind it, the proud Army mom said, “This one is especially close to the heart because he’s a veteran and felt he needed to do something. I’m just proud of him, I think it’s incredible that he’s doing it. I hope he gets to raise some money for these Gold Star families.”

Anthony DiLizia did two tours of duty. In his first tour, he served as an Army intelligence analyst. He served as a behavioral specialist in his second tour.