Army Veteran Suffers From Heat Exhaustion, First Responders Step in to Finish Cutting Grass

by Quentin Blount

First responders with Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida went above and beyond after they responded to a home to treat a man for heat exhaustion.

The first responders shared a video on Facebook that they were dispatched to a report of a man passing out while working outside. Turns out that man, Prince Pinkney, is an Army veteran. Pinkney served as a missile tech in Vietnam.

“Monday morning Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Station 47 was dispatched to a pass out,” officials said. “Upon arrival they found an 80-year-old Army veteran suffering from heat exhaustion while working in his yard. They immediately treated the man and cooled him off. Once his medical emergency was over the crew stepped in and finish cutting his grass! This is truly what it is all about.”

‘It was hot, and I got overheated’

After Prince Pinkney was treated by first responders, he told WSVN-TV that he and his wife Rebecca were doing yard work earlier in the day when he started to feel ill.

A person nearby witnessed Pinkey on the ground, and that’s when Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue was called and responded to the home.

“It was hot, and I got overheated,” Pinkney said.

First responders got Pinkney treated and cooled down, but their work wasn’t done there. Afterward, the responders stepped in and finished mowing Pinkney’s grass. The video above shows two paramedics helping Pinkney finish his outdoor chores, and making sure the lawn got mowed.

“Once his medical emergency was over the crew stepped in and finished cutting his grass,” the department said. “This is truly what it’s all about.”

Additionally, before the first responders left the Pinkney’s property, they saluted Pinkney and his wife for his service to the United States.

“Their story is amazing in itself,” Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Capt. Terry Maylor told WSVN. “Their age, what they’ve gone through, his history as a veteran serving this country. If that doesn’t move you to go ahead and do what you’re capable of, then nothing will.”