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Ashton Kutcher Blasts Donald Trump in New Tweets

by Jacklyn Krol
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher blasted President Donald Trump for not helping Iowa after the derecho that took place. Another key point to factor in is that the presidential office has not commented on the matter at length or publicly pledged their support.

What Ashton Kutcher told Donald Trump

The actor spoke candidly about his home state, pleading with Trump to help aid the state. Kutcher issued an especially epic Twitter thread on August 14 which included photos of the devastation that the state has faced. Overall, this has significantly impacted the state and will continue to do so for years to come if left without aid.

“Where is the federal relief for Iowa?” he asked. “10m acres of crops have been destroyed. Houses. Communities. Wake up federal gov! What because it’s not called a tornado or hurricane you don’t need to act fast? Come On!!”

In a second tweet, the philanthropist asked Vice President Mike Pence for help. “You were there campaigning,” he added. “You saw with your own eyes. Do something.”

Additionally, Kutcher sent a series of tweets that showed just how bad things were in Iowa and how much damage and destruction it caused.

@realDonaldTrump does Iowa not have enough electoral college votes for you?” he questioned.

He concluded his tweets with a response to an insensitive tweet. “Cool tweet,” he wrote. “Crops are dying and people don’t have electricity.”

See the tweets, below.

What Happened to Iowa?

A storm system with hurricane-force winds blew through Iowa last week. Overall, it left three people dead and several injured along with countless businesses, farms, and homes destroyed. Millions of acres of farmland are wrecked due to the winds with estimated damage of $4 billion.

Finally, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds revealed that she will be filing an “expedited presidential major disaster declaration” via the federal government to aid with the repairs and rebuilding the destruction.

“From cities to farms, Iowans are hurting, many still have challenges with shelter, food, and power,” Reynolds told Fox Business. “Resilience is in our DNA, but we’re going to need a strong and timely federal response to support recovery efforts.”

The governor told the outlet that both Trump and Pence pledged their “full support” to her declaration and the rebuilding of Iowa.

“With rapid approval, this declaration will provide a significant level of federal resources to support the state and local response,” she added. “ While it is unconventional for a major disaster declaration request of this magnitude to be assembled and approved within a matter of days, it is essential that our request is expedited and approved as quickly as possible.”