‘Assembly Required’: Where the Tim Allen and Richard Karn Show is Actually Filmed

by Josh Lanier

If you’ve ever wondered what the workshop of a man once nicknamed the “Tool Man” looked like check out the History Channel. That’s because Tim Allen’s actual workshop is being used as the studio for Assembly Required.

Those are his cars in the background, his tools on the wall, and he even has his own Al Borland. That’s according to a tour April Wilkerson gave of the set. Wilkerson, a DIY YouTuber, acts as the show’s technical expert.

The format of the show pits three makers in their own homes to repair and improve household objects. They compete until only one person each week is chosen winner who takes home $5,000 and a trophy. Only a handful of episodes have aired so far, but they’re getting good reviews. The show chose to have contestants video call in because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s unclear if the contestants will begin working in the same building once filming restrictions are lifted.

In her tour, Wilkerson show’s off some of the highlights of the massive garage.

“This space that we’re working in is actually Tim’s personal garage, and all of the vehicles are his personal collection. He is a big car guy. [It’s] an actual workshop,” said AprilSeveral of Allen’s high-end sports cars, hot rods, rebuilt classic vehicles little the background throughout the show.

Most of the cast and crew are busy throughout the behind-the-scenes tour, but she gets a few minutes with the show’s biggest star. He seems more interested in her experience switching over to television.

“You know, like, I’m the everything (on my channel),” she said, “I can dictate the time, the pace, and everything.”

Allen, Karn Slip Back Into Familiar Dynamic

Despite it being more than 20 years since they’ve worked together, Richard Karn and Tim Allen still have that charm that Home Improvement such a fun show.

Assembly Required leans into their shtick and has fun with it. Just like his character Al Borland, Karn plays the put upon every man. Tim Allen continues to be the over-the-top lovable character he created for Home Improvement. Allen has said their personas tread very close to their real-life personalities, which is one of the reasons Assembly Required is so fun to watch. There are set up jokes and gags, but they share genuine reactions to the other person’s jokes or mistakes.