Assemblyman Calls for K-9 Veterans Day To Be Recognized Nationally

by Joe Rutland

There is a New York assemblyman who is calling for K-9 Veterans Day to be recognized nationally. This is a time to honor those animals. They have given the ultimate sacrifice while working to protect people. Sunday marked K-9 Veterans Day, too. K-9 officers take their time inspecting cars for suspicion of drug smuggling. And they are worthy of having their own K-9 Veterans Day as part of a national day of remembrance.

At A Glance

  • A New York state assemblyman wants K-9 Veterans Day recognized nationally.
  • His resolution focuses on military dogs in New York State.
  • Angelo Santabarbara asks that this day also receive greater attention.
  • K-9 dogs work in military and police forces these days.

K-9 Veterans Day Deserves National Recognition, Assemblyman States

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara sponsored a resolution to recognize March 13, 2022, as K-9 Veterans Day, an observance that honors the courage and sacrifice of military dogs in New York State.

“Since our nation’s founding, dogs have been an integral part of our military efforts and it’s important to honor these canine heroes who have served with honor and valor,” Santabarbara said. “This resolution recognizes the contributions of military working dogs, who perform their duties exceptionally in dangerous and high-stakes environments. I invite my colleagues to join me in honoring this important day.”

Now, K-9 Veterans Day coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the official K-9 Corps in 1942. This organization happens to be founded by Joseph White, a retired military working dog handler. Meanwhile, working dogs serve in a wide range of roles in numerous federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and branches of the military. Santabarbara’s resolution also recognizes ongoing efforts to make K-9 Veterans Day a nationwide observation. This comes from CBS 6 Albany.

Country Music Star Held Benefit For Retired K-9 Police, Military Dogs

Additionally, never let it be said that country music stars don’t have a heart for these veterans of the military. They sure do. In fact, Darryl Worley put on quite a benefit. Back in January, he sang at The Nashville Palace in a concert for Project K-9 Hero. The nonprofit devotes its work to retired police K-9s and military dogs.

It was titled “Performers for Paws” and had quite a lineup. For instance, there were Ashton Shepherd, Keith Burns, William Michael Morgan, Josh Kiser, Clint Daniels, Max Flinn, Rob Mayes, Ray Herndon, and Lee Tucker. Similarly, others were Jesse Keith Whitley, Sam Grow, Dusting Herring, Michael Rix, Scott Reeves, Cole Capshaw, Josh Scott, Diamond Dixie, Exit 216, Cody Howell, and Miss Tennessee 2021, Elizabeth Graham.

In conclusion, the benefit featured a virtual and live auction. Worley’s furry pals K-9 Klara, K-9 Yoube, K-9 Mattis, K-9 Dean, K-9 Rip, and K-9 Grim took part.