Astronaut Receives ‘Cool’ Delivery in Space for 50th Birthday

by Shelby Scott

Everyone has unique ways of celebrating their birthdays. However, Astronaut Megan McArthur just celebrated her 50th with a special delivery via spaceship. The spaceship itself carried ice cream for McArthur and the crew to ring in McArthur’s 50th. Additionally, the ship carried lemons, cherry tomatoes, and avocados. That is, in addition to a load of scientific research and other gear.

According to the AP, McArthur’s birthday surprise came by SpaceX’s cargo spaceship on Monday. The load arrived at the International Space Station. The cargo ship’s docking was also overseen by McArthur. So we’re happy she was at the helm of her ice cream delivery.

Once the supplies made it onboard, McArthur radioed, “No one’s ever sent me a spaceship for my birthday before. I appreciate it.”

The crew’s shipment launched on Sunday. According to the news outlet, it arrived three days before the first of three planned spacewalks. Friday’s arrival marks when two ISS astronauts begin to outfit a new laboratory that arrived earlier in July. The next spacewalk takes place on September 12th.

100-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Her Birthday with a One In a Million Friend

Friends come in all different shapes and sizes. Recently, one elderly woman celebrated her 100th birthday with the most unlikely of friends.

Mary O’Neill first befriended 2-year-old Benjamin after months of loneliness and isolation following the coronavirus pandemic. During national social distancing requirements, Mary and Benjamin formed a friendship over their shared backyard fence. The bond allowed both to adjust to a new lifestyle and find companionship among unlikely friends.

A sweet video captures the innocent essence of the pair’s friendship. In it, Mary and Benjamin pass a ball back and forth from opposite sides of the chain-link fence. “We call this cane ball,” Mary said, laughing, as she passed the little ball back to Benjamin with the hook of her cane.

In celebration of the woman’s 100th birthday, family and friends finally came together to celebrate the huge milestone. Officially, Mary doesn’t turn 100 until just a week before Christmas.

“[Benjamin] was very excited to go to [Mary’s] party,” the little boy’s mom said. Additionally, she arranged for Mary to receive 100 birthday cards for her 100th birthday. In response, kind individuals from across the United States sent their love and well-wishes. Overall, Mary received more than 300 birthday cards.

From us at Outsider, Happy 100th birthday Mary; here’s to many more!

The National Park Service Celebrated a Major Milestone This August

Among all of these incredible birthday celebrations, the United States National Park Service celebrated its 105th birthday earlier last week.

The National Park Service was initially founded in 1916. Since then, the organization has worked to protect national lands and the creatures that inhabit them. The U.S. boasts 423 national parks. With so many fun and interesting locations to visit, Outsiders across the nation shared their excitement via social media.

Rather than mailing in birthday cards and photographs like early park visitors used to do, the National Park Service encouraged Outsiders to share their favorite photos and adventures on social media with hashtags like #ParkScrapbooks and #FindYourPark.