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Intense Video Shows Helicopter Rescue Mission as Two Climbers Get Trapped on 200ft Sea Stack

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Rock climbing is an endeavor requiring skill, strength, and determination. Two male climbers determined to get themselves out of a perilous situation. However, they eventually called for help from the Scottish Coast Guard.

Check out the incredible save as the two rock climbers were pulled to safety.

The harrowing clip captures the Scottish Coast Guard hovering directly above the country’s famous rock spire, Old Man of Stoer. While according to The Sun, the rockface serves as a popular rock climbing destination, the climbers, Mike and Chris, experienced major difficulty. Soon, inclement weather rolled in and the tides became extremely dangerous.

Thankfully, both the climbers and the rescuers escaped the perilous situation unharmed. However, had the weather gotten worse, the opposite may have occurred. About the save, climber Mike said, “We’re just so grateful.”

Once the pair of climbers were safely onboard the helicopter, the rescue crew took them to the nearby village of Lochinver. From there, additional rescue crews met them who doubled-checked their physical condition and provided them blankets against the cold.

Afterward, Mike said, “I didn’t want to call really, I kept thinking we could get out of it.” Though despite their efforts, he said, “I started to get really worried about Chris…[as] the weather got worse and worse.”

Mike explained that his fellow climber had been much farther down the rock face and “kept losing sight of him.”

“[H]e was getting battered by the waves and the sea spray was making everything really difficult,” he continued. “[T]here were moments when I thought he was gone.”

The pair of climbers further thanked the helicopter squad. They also highlighted the rapidity with which rescue crews on the ground came to help.

Two American Climbers Fell to Their Deaths in Spain

Overall, things worked out for the climbers above as well as the rescue teams that came to their aid. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. Earlier this month, two American solo climbers fell to their deaths in Mallorca off the coast of Spain. Supposedly, they believed the water beneath them would serve as a potential cushion.

The two men, a 25-year-old and a 35-year-old, took a trip to the European country’s Spanish island of Mallorca to spend the day exploring the cliffs and caves near Portocolom. Purportedly, the area is a popular one for rock climbers and many have found that the water below have lessened injuries during falls in the past.

For this American duo, however, it was not the case. After the climbers fell, a local lifeguard and other swimmers came to the first man’s aid, but to no avail. Soon after, the group spotted the other climber’s body nearer the cave. Again, rescuers could do nothing further.

At the time of the incident, authorities opened an investigation. However, due to the inherent dangers connected to solo climbing, many see the case as simply a tragic accident pending the fall.