AT&T Blasted in Wall Street Journal By Angry 90-Year-Old Customer Who Bought Ad Space For $10 Grand

by Keeli Parkey

There is an old adage that says, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Well given recent news, that might just need to be changed to: “Hell hath no fury like a mad 90-year-old AT&T customer.”

According to a tweet by Zachary Crockett, Los Angeles, California, resident Aaron Epstein is so mad about the quality of his internet service provided by AT&T that he bought ad space in The Wall Street Journal to make a complaint. Now, that’s one way to get attention!

Now, this was no small ad space. In fact, according to reports, the purchase cost Mr. Epstein $10,000! How mad would you have to get to spend that kind of money just to tell a huge corporation how you feel?

Regardless of the cost, that’s exactly what the 90-year-old Epstein decided to do.

According to a photo of the ad shared by Crockett, Epstein’s ad reads as an open letter to AT&T CEO John T. Stankey. Here is what the 90-year-old wanted to say to AT&T:

“AT&T prides itself as a leader in electronic communications. Unfortunately, for the people who live in N. Hollywood, CA 91607, AT&T is now a major disappointment.

“Many of our neighbors are the creative technical workers in the Universal, Warner Brothers, Disney Studios in the adjacent city of Burbank and our city.

“We need to keep up with the current technology and have looked to AT&T to supply us with fast internet service. Yet, although AT&T is advertising speeds up to 100 MBS for other neighborhoods, the fastest now available to us from ATT is only 3 MBS.

“Your competitors now have speeds of over 200 MBS.

“Why is AT&T, a leading communications company, treating us so shabbily in North Hollywood?”

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The ad shared by Crockett also includes Mr. Epstein’s phone number and email address. It also said that he has been a customer of AT&T since 1960.

What can you say? Mr. Epstein knows how to complain.

Running the ads in The Wall Street Journal has certainly attracted attention. Crockett’s tweet showing the photo of the ad has received several comments in support of Mr. Epstein.

“I nominate him to teach Congress about the internet and lead the charge in better coverage,” one person said on Twitter. “Agree 100 percent … I can’t appreciate you enough for what you did. Kudos to you!!!” another said. “… glad (you’re) still alive and kickin’,” was another response.

One can only wonder if Mr. Epstein’s efforts will really pay off in the long run. But, his ads are getting attention from the media. Well-known news outlets, such as The New York Post, The Hill, Yahoo, and The Daily Mail have picked up the story. That is a good sign that AT&T might just hear what he has to say.