Authorities Search for Missing Father and Daughter in Big Bend National Park

by Madison Miller

There’s currently an ongoing search for two people. A father and his 9-year-old daughter were last seen at Big Bend National Park in Texas. Hector Flores Jr. went with his daughter Luna Flores to the national park. They left on January 28 from their home in Fort Stockton, Texas.

Authorities have since found the family’s pickup truck abandoned along a nearby remote road close to Big Bend National Park. Oddly enough, there were also many personal belongings still sitting inside the vacant truck at that time.

Ongoing Search for Missing People in Big Bend

According to News4 San Antonio, park rangers believe that the two went hiking in the national park. They may not have had the proper equipment, nutrition, and clothing in order to camp inside of the park. This could be why they are currently unaccounted for.

Both of them are from Fort Stockton, in case anyone has information.

As of right now, search and rescue units are hard at work to find the missing father-daughter pairing. Helicopters are scoping through all the remote areas just in case they are tucked away somewhere hard to get to on foot. Others are out looking on hiking trails and on backcountry roads trying to find both of them in the expansive Big Bend National Park.

The FBI Tipline (800) 225-5324 is open for anyone that knows anything regarding the missing persons.

Missing People in National Parks

Sadly, it is not abnormal for people to go missing in national parks. The wide and expansive land can provide a number of dangers, such as wildlife threats, dehydration, getting lost, or even heat stroke.

Many people go missing, but some don’t get as much media attention as others. Take the Gabby Petito case, for example, that dominated headlines for weeks.

As of now, according to Insider, there is no database that shares how many people have gone missing in national parks every year. However, the National Parks Service has said that there are about 29 cold cases of people that have gone missing and were never found — dead or alive. The oldest case was in 1958.

An average of 600,000 people go missing every year. Another case is also open regarding a man who was swept into the ocean near Muir Beach. Apparently, this man was part of a group of three different stranded hikers.

According to The Mercury News, the group had hiked down the rocks at the beach. The other two hikers were rescued uninjured by the California Highway Patrol helicopter crew.

Also, yesterday a hiker that went missing on the Sierra Buttes trail was found dead. He was with his brother but they took different routes back to the car. He went back to look for him, but could not find him. The man fell from a ridge overlooking the lake.