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Bald Eagle Attacks Woman, ‘Had Both of His Claws in Her’

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: VW Pics / Contributor / Getty Images)

A young bald eagle attacked a woman staying at a hotel along Lake Superior. The incident was all caught on video.

The attack happened this past Thursday morning, 100 yards away from the Cascade Lodge and Restaurant in Lutsen, Minnesota. The woman, a guest at the lodge, was attacked while walking along the highway.

The eagle charged and began clawing at her with its talons. Bernie Banks, the hotel’s head kitchen manager, ran to assist the woman. Banks used his chef’s jacket to safely stop the eagle.

“I just took off my jacket and threw it over him and tried my best to get him off of her while not hurting the bird or hurting her anymore without me getting hurt, alright,” Banks tells Fox 21.

Banks says he never witnessed anything like this attack. “It was terrifying,” he said. “I’m just thankful it was a young bird and not a full grown bird because it was huge and strong. It was something else.”

Fortunately, the woman did not sustain severe injuries. “He had both of his claws in her. He was trying to get at her with his beak,” Banks continued. “I just happened to top get my jacket over his head in time because he was trying. I think it would have been pretty bad if he would have latched on to her with his beak.”

Bald Eagle Attack: The Hotel Owner Speaks Out

The owner of the Cascade Lodge and Restaurant, Thom McAleer, commented on the wildlife in the area. “We live among the bears and the wolves and coyotes, and apparently these bald eagles that are also taking an aggressive approach this year,” McAleer said.

McAleer continued by expressing how memorable the attack was for him and his guests. “The COVID restrictions allowed us to create an outdoor space, and this whole thing happened within view of our outdoor dining right across from Lake Superior,” McAleer said. “Pretty amazing interaction, honestly.”

It remains unknown what sparked the attack. The woman suffered several scratches through her jeans.

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