Baltimore Ravens’ Matt Skura Faces Hate After Poor Performance, Tells Critics ‘Family is Off Limits’

by Halle Ames

Baltimore Ravens‘ center Matt Skura asks people to back off after receiving threats and hateful messages after their loss yesterday. 

Skura had two bad snaps late in the game, which led to the Ravens’ initial comeback resulting in a loss to the New England Patriots 17 to 23. This loss makes the Ravens’ record 6-3 and the Patriots 4-5. 

In Skura’s defense, the weather conditions were less than ideal at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts, with heavy rainfall throughout the game. 

Last week, however, Skura also struggled to snap the ball against the Indianapolis Colts. Although, the Ravens still won by 17 points. 

Skura’s Message to Hateful Baltimore Fans

The 27-year-old Duke alum posted a screenshot of an apology note he typed out to his Instagram account, which he has since made private. In addition, he hasn’t posted on his Twitter account since Saturday before the game.

“I want to take ownership and apologize for my mistakes in last night’s game. I always strive and work to be the best I can be in any and all situations. I appreciate those who have sent encouraging messages to me since the game.”

Unfortunately, some Baltimore fans did not stop with the negative comments to just Skura. They started to target and threaten his family.

Skura’s wife, Emma, has reportedly been receiving harassing direct messages to her social media accounts. This didn’t go lightly with the 6’3″, 313-pound center. 

“Please know my family is off limits when it comes to hateful and threatening messages. They do not deserve to be scrutinized for something they did not do.”

Skura has moved on from the game and his performance and is keeping his eyes on next week’s game. 

“I want to move on from this and grow so that I’m able to be at my best for the rest of the season. Now, it’s on to the Titans.”

Reporter Mike Garafolo screenshotted Skura’s Instagram story of the note and posted it to Twitter. 

Since the post, many users have thankfully come forward to defend Skura’s family from trolls on Twitter. 

We would just like to remind everything that these games are not life or death. They are simply games. 

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